Creep on the AECs Live Via ChinchCam

Chinch is live on the scene at the Nutrena American Eventing Championships, and if you’ve ever wanted to see the world through his beady little eyes, this is your chance.

We’ve hooked him up to a camera so you can see what he’s up to throughout the week. From watching the water complex to lurking on people picking up their packets, we invite you to tune in and enjoy a few moments of rando eventing voyeurism, Chinch-style.

NOW PLAYING: Alright Eventing Nation, who’s ready to throw up their breakfast? While we wait for Chinchcam to go live on some Friday AEC action, here’s some nauseating footage from his walk around the Adequan USEA Gold Cup Final cross-country track from yesterday evening.

Go Eventing.

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