Cross Country Day Reflections from Rolex Riders

It was a wild ride on the Rolex cross country course today, and we definitely saw some wonderful performances across the board. The weather turned out gorgeous and the crowds really seemed to be enjoying themselves. We caught up with a few of the riders after their rides to gather their thoughts on how everything went today.

I spoke with Meghan O’Donoghue in between autograph signings, and she said that she was absolutely thrilled with Pirate’s performance at their second run around Rolex. “We really got into a rhythm and he trusted me the whole way around,” Meghan said. “He cooled out great and I’m very pleased with how he did.”

Michael Pollard – Clear with 2 time, 51.5

Michael stopped by the EN Tailgate Party to visit with fans after a seamless cross-country go that was one of the best we saw all day. He took a moment to chat with Leslie about how the course rode and his game plan for tomorrow.

Hawley Bennett – Double clear, 58.7

Sharon White – Double clear with Wundermaske, 71.3

Libby Head – Clear with 7.6 time, 71.4

Frankie Theriot also caught up with just about every rider after they crossed the finish line. Here are a few of their interviews. You can check out the full list on the Rolex YouTube page.

Kristin Schmolze:

Marilyn Little:

Kevin Keane:

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