Did You Miss the 2nd Annual Tom Bass Seminar on Diversity in Equestrian Sport? Watch It Here

Thought leaders representing a large variety of backgrounds and experiences came together this past weekend for the 2nd Annual Tom Bass Seminar on Diversity in Equestrian Sport. Hosted by SportsQuest International and Melvin Cox, the seminar was broken up into four sessions: Domestic, Youth, Media, and International.

Many topics were discussed during each session and the general focus was finding ways to grow our sport and ensure that more Black, Indigenous, and people of color are accepted and represented.

EN’s Leslie Wylie as well as myself both participated in the Media panel, but we highly encourage you to take the time to watch each of the four sessions as they all provide a unique perspective.

Many thanks to SportsQuest International, Melvin Cox, Tryon International Equestrian Center, and all of the panelists who took the time to make this important seminar a rousing success. We’re looking forward to next year’s seminar and to continuing to do what we can do grow our sport in a more diverse and inclusive direction.

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