Doug Payne: Clear Cross Country at Saumur

Doug Payne and Crown Talisman turned in a wonderful clear round to sit in 7th place after cross country at Saumur. Check out Doug’s latest blog post, and it looks like he will have a helmet cam uploaded at some point as well. Be sure to follow Doug on Facebook and Twitter for much more on his trip to Saumur with Tali, who he owns in partnership with Larry and Amelia Ross.

Forgive the awkward angle, but this was taken in the vet box following Tali's great XC!

Forgive the awkward angle, but this was taken in the vet box following Tali’s great XC!

From Doug:

Tali was again exceptional on a very challenging course. Cross country for the 3* didn’t start until 12:30 pm so it was a long day of waiting. There was a short delay on course which put my start time up to just around 4:30 pm. Tali warmed up great and headed out on course strong as ever. He improved as the course progressed and he finished up very strong. During the last few minutes on course he still had energy to spare, which was incredible considering the deep conditions in much of the course. I wore the helmet cam again today so a video should surface here as soon as I can find wifi that is fast enough.

I can’t express how proud I am with Tali and how thankful I am to have the support of Larry & Amelia Ross, the entire Land Rover US Eventing Team and of course my family and wife Jessica. I wouldn’t be here without all of their help.

Jogs are at 10 tomorrow morning with show jumping not until 4 in the afternoon.


[Saumur Live Scores]

View the rest of Doug’s blog posts here. And don’t forget to order a copy of his book by clicking the cover image below:


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