Dressage Powerhouses of Tokyo: Session One

It’s been five long years and suddenly there’s only a few hours before we commence the eventing portion of the Olympic Games. With Session One going down centerline starting at 8:30 a.m. Tokyo time, we’ve got prime viewing hours for most of those in America, outside of those pesky work hours who can sometime make watching a four day event a nightmare. I’d tell you who to watch, but it’s the Olympics…even the horses who aren’t going to bring it on day one are likely part of teams who you should keep an eye on. If you want some light intense reading before the competition starts, check out the Team Form Guide compiled by Tilly Berendt, who is wearing her fingers down to the nub in order to make sure you know every detail about our fabulous competitors. Only team pairs will be profiled in graphs this weekend; if you’d like to more about those representing as individuals, then check out Tilly’s Individual Form Guide.

Arinadtha Chavatanont & Boleybawn Prince (THA)

Predicted Score: 36.1

Oliver Townend & Ballaghmor Class (GBR)

Predicted Score: 24.7

Doug Payne & Vandiver (USA)

Predicted Score: 34.5

Felix Vogg & Colero (SUI)

Predicted Score: 28.0

Kazuma Tomoto & Vinci de la Vigne (JPN)

Predicted Score: 28.5

Shane Rose & Virgil (AUS)

Predicted Score: 29.4

Alex Hua Tian & Don Geniro (CHN)

Predicted Score: 22.6

Joanna Pawlak & Fantastic Frieda (POL)

Predicted Score: 42.3

Therese Viklund & Viscera (SWE)

Predicted Score: 29.7

Christopher Six & Totem de Brecey (FRA)

Predicted Score: 30.0

Vittoria Panizzon & Super Cillious (ITA)

Predicted Score: 32.6

Sam Watson & Flamenco (IRL)

Predicted Score: 30.3

Jonelle Price & Grovine de Reve (NZL)

Predicted Score: 29.9

Julia Krajewski & Amande de B’Neville (GER)

Predicted Score: 26.1

Marcelo Tosi & Glenfly (BRA)

Predicted Score: 36.7

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