Dressage Powerhouses of Tokyo: Session Three

It’s only a blink of an eye, but with the way the schedule hits the time zones in America, the dressage sessions feel to go by very quickly indeed. Everything is absolutely flying by, and this evening we will have our final horses enter the ring for Tokyo’s Saturday morning session. Confused yet? Me too.

For the final time, math nerds should check out the charts below while everyone else should veer over to the Team Form Guide and Individual Form Guide compiled by Tilly Berendt.

Korntawat Samran & Bonero K (THA)

Predicted Score: 34.6

Tom McEwen & Toledo de Kerser (GBR)

Predicted Score: 24.7

Boyd Martin & Tsetserleg TSF (USA)

Predicted Score: 25.8

Robin Godel & Jet Set (SUI)

Predicted Score: 34.7

Yoshiaki Oiwa & Calle 44 (JPN)

Predicted Score: 28.2

Andrew Hoy & Vassily de Lassos (AUS)

Predicted Score: 31.5

Yingfeng Bao & Flandia 2 (CHN)

Predicted Score: 37.0

Jan Kaminski & Jard (POL)

Predicted Score: 34.7

Ludwig Svennerstal & Balham Mist (SWE)

Predicted Score: 30.7

Karim Florent Laghouag & Triton Fontaine (FRA)

Predicted Score: 32.3

Arianna Schivo & Quefira de l’Ormeau (ITA)

Predicted Score: 35.1

Sarah Ennis & Woodcourt Garrison (IRL)

Predicted Score: 31.2

Tim Price & Vitali (NZL)

Predicted Score: 28.7

Michael Jung & Chipmunk FRH (GER)

Predicted Score: 24.2

Carlos Parro & Goliath (BRA)

Predicted Score: 36.6

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