Friday Video from SmartPak: Take a Tour of the Olympic Village

There’s something about the Olympic Village that always seems extraordinarily mysterious to me – partly, I suppose, because we never get to see an awful lot of it, and partly because I read Jilly Cooper’s Riders way too young and it’s governed the way I view everything about top-level sport since then, sticky bushes and all.

This year’s Olympic Village obviously has a slightly different vibe than normal years, where by all accounts, it’s a pretty sociable place (er, in more ways than one). But on-site athletes are still getting some chances to mingle with the superstars of other sport, if at a safe distance – and the Village, as always, is stocked with everything a top sportsperson needs to have the week of their lives. Want to see for yourself? Join British diving gold medalist Tom Daley – the man who famously knitted a little cover for his medal – as he gives you the Grand Tour.