Editor’s Choice: My Top 5 Virtual Vendor Village Deals for Thursday

Each day we’ll be bringing you new deals from over 30 companies via EN’s inaugural Virtual Vendor Village (shop Thursday’s deals here), and each day I’ll be sharing my top five favorite deals of the day. Here we go for Thursday!

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Horse & Rider Books: I have a soft spot for the naughty ones. I once paid 10 grand for a talented and gorgeous but borderline homicidal Swedish Warmblood who wouldn’t trot in a straight line; who not only had never jumped before but refused to walk past a flower pot in its own stable yard; who attempted to push the eject button on me repeatedly during our trial ride. I loved it. I couldn’t get enough. And you know what? Not only did that brat go on to win blue ribbons at Prelim and compete through Intermediate, he eventually became my best bud. The naughty ones are often worth “repairing,” but it takes some grit, some patience and some guidance. Enter Doug Payne’s book, The Riding Horse Repair Manual, available from Horse & Rider Books. 10/10 recommend! And you can get it for 20% off today and free shipping with code KYBK20. Stay tuned for details about a Horse & Rider Books giveaway this afternoon!


Fleeceworks: Judy, I’ll so miss seeing your face at Kentucky this year! One of my favorite ladies and one of my favorite booths — and one of EN’s longest running sponsors! Lucky for us, Fleeceworks is offering 10% off all orders all week with code LRK3D10; Free Easy Care Bamboo Slippers with orders over $100; 15% off Therawool Quilted Dressage Pad with code LRK3D4; and additional deals here. Plus! By subscribing to the Fleeceworks email list you’ll be entered in a drawing to win one of two $50 gift certificates. My wonderpony Princess goes in a Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Half Pad, which comes with a variety of shims so you can get the fit and balance juuuuust right.

Martin Collins: What’s more zen than a freshly groomed arena? In a world of chaos and uncertainty, there’s something deliciously therapeutic about pulling the drag round and round, vanishing the spatter of haphazard hoofprints and replacing them with uniform lines that spiral out like a Japanese rock garden. It makes me feel like I’m in control of my life. It’s good for mental health, and the health of your arena surfaces. Win win! Martin Collins, top-shelf equestrian surface manufacturer and installer, is offering 5% off both sizes of its Arena Master Maintenance Machine through July with promo code KY2020. 

ICE HORSE: Remember back in the dark ages when we had to make our long-suffering event horses stand still in a muck bucket full of ice water after cross country? I feel like ICE HORSE was maybe the first company to come along and say, “This is ridiculous, you guys. We can do better than this.” I won a set of their wraps at the 2008 American Eventing Championships (thank you, ICE HORSE!) and have been using them ever since. This week, you can score a free HoofWraps Soaker with purchase with code HWS. Also! Tune in to top Kentucky finisher Lauren Nicholson né Kieffer’s Facebook page at 7 p.m. EST as she reviews post-ride icing procedures, presented by ICE HORSE.

Nutrena: Save HOW big, you ask? Not to ruin the surprise, but Nutrena is offering a $10 off coupon for use on one bag of SafeChoice Perform Horse Feed. SafeChoice Perform is a controlled starch, high fat formula that supports the caloric needs of hard workers and hard-keepers. (Sorry, Princess, I don’t think you qualify. Although she did work really hard at getting her grazing muzzle off this morning.)

So close, Princess! Photo by Kerri Benjamin.

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