EN’s Rising Stars: Claire Henneman

EN’s Rising Stars is a new weekly series about up and coming riders in the sport of 3-Day Eventing who are exceptional in their performances and personalities. Spotlighting riders under the age of 15, the series is meant to call attention to the next generation of talent before they even become Young Riders. Have a child, sibling or student who you think deserves some notice and praise? Tip me at [email protected]!

Claire & Ty in the showjumping


Name: Claire Henneman

Age: 12

Hometown: Wayzata, Minnesota

Horse: Royal Cootitan “Ty”

Level of Competition: Starter Novice


How did you get started in Eventing?   “I started eventing in the fall of 2011, and I was hooked because I liked that you have to have all the different skills. Before I rode with Liz Lund I was at a large hunter jumper barn. I like eventing 1000 times more because you don’t show your skills through how high you jump, it’s all about the relationship between you and your horse.”

Claire & Ty dominating dressage


Recent Accomplishments?   “I had never shown before this past spring and showing has always been one of my goals. I received 7th place at the Carriage House Combined Test. My first real event at Roebke’s Run HT, and I was 4th  place in the Starter Novice division. My third show, and second event, was the most exciting for me because I received a 30.0 in dressage and went double clear in both other phases for the win!  A 30.0 was also Ty’s best dressage score in his life and I was really happy with it. At Otter Creek Fall HT I received 2nd place with my dressage score of 34.0.”

Favorite thing about Eventing?  “I can’t choose just one thing that is my favorite, all the things in the past year have been nothing but positive. Meeting some of my best friends through Liz, and my local pony club, Lead Hound Pony Club in the Northern Lakes Region, and learning to do something that I can never give up now. I love eventing and always will! It was awesome to learn how to do dressage too.  I had never done any dressage before I started eventing. It’s really hard!”

“My favorite phase is for sure cross-country, its not only the thrill, its how you and your horse are all alone sharing a very special connection.”

Plans for the Future?   “Ever since I started eventing, I’ve had my heart set high on the North American Young Rider Championships. It would be my dream to someday compete at the highest level of eventing- maybe even compete in the Olympics! Even though it’s a high goal for a twelve year old! Someday I would like to be a riding instructor like my amazing trainer Liz. We will see!”

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