Equestrian Australia Names High-Performance Eventing Squad for 2022

Australia wins silver: Kevin McNab, Shane Rose and Andrew Hoy. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

It’s that time again: with the Tokyo Olympic cycle well and truly – and finally – put to bed, we begin again with our sights set on Paris 2024. As such, governing bodies around the world are busy putting together their tiered squad lists, which feature their country’s biggest stars and brightest up-and-comers, whose performances can be honed and developed with a view to selection over the next couple of years.

The latest country to release their squad list is Australia, who emerged from a tricky and contentious couple of years to take team silver at last year’s Olympics. Their three-part squad system features an elite tier, called the Gold (Podium) tier, a Green tier, for Podium Ready and Podium Potential athletes, and a Generation Next tier for Developing and Emerging athletes.

It’s particularly exciting to see some friends of EN feature in the line-up as Australia’s eventing squad enters a crucial developmental period following the departure of Sam Griffiths, who will now serve as coach to the New Zealand eventing team, and Chris Burton, who is focusing his attentions on showjumping instead.

Here are the riders named to each tier:


  • Andrew Hoy
  • Kevin McNab
  • Shane Rose


  • Sammi Birch
  • Sonja Johnson
  • Bill Levett
  • Sam Lyle
  • Hazel Shannon


  • Olivia Barton
  • Emma Bishop
  • Lauren Browne
  • Catherine Burrell
  • Annabel Cargill
  • Andrew Cooper
  • Isabel English
  • Jade Findlay
  • Thea Horsley
  • Ema Klugman
  • Shenae Lowings
  • Emma Mason
  • Jessica Rae
  • Dominic Schramm
  • Katie Taliana
  • Gemma Tinney