Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Ride Around Red Hills CCI3*-S

I’ve never been to Red Hills, but it’s one of those events I love to watch from afar from my (ordinarily drizzly and cold) perch in the UK. Relative warmth, sun-scorched ground, Spanish moss gently floating in the breeze and catching the sunlight? Absolute bliss, and no matter how many of my Floridian friends try to tell me that the moss is actually heaving with insect infestations, I will merrily plug my ears and keep enjoying how nice it all looks on a livestream.

Or, indeed, on a GoPro round-up. Queen of the hatcam Elisa Wallace is back, and this time, she’s taking us around the CCI3*-S at Red Hills aboard Sharp Decision. Heels down, eyes up, and watch out for the bugs!


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Check out this KPP article: Vitamin E and the Performance Horse – A Winning Combination.

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