Event Rider Masters Announces Riders for Leg 2 of Series at Bramham

Astier Nicholas winning the Chatsworth Leg of the ERM. Photo courtesy of eventridermasters.tv Astier Nicholas winning the Chatsworth Leg of the ERM. Photo courtesy of eventridermasters.tv

The Event Rider Master Series in Great Britain has announced the competitors for the second leg of their series, which will be held June 11-12 in conjunction with the Bramham Park International Horse Trials. There are thirty world-class riders, most of whom have represented their country at the international level once or multiple times in their career.

The riders represent the best from 10 different countries, and promises not only series points and significant bragging rights, but also a share of £50,000.


1. Sir Mark Todd (New Zealand)
2. William Fox-Pitt (Great Britain)
3. Tim Price (New Zealand)
4. Oliver Townend (Great Britain)
5. Pippa Funnell (Great Britain)
6. Jonelle Price (New Zealand)
7. Gemma Tattersall (Great Britain)
8. Izzy Taylor (Great Britain)
9. Nicola Wilson (Great Britain)
10. Astier Nicolas (France)
11. Paul Tapner (Great Britain)
12. Blyth Tait (New Zealand)
13. Laura Collett (Great Britain)
14.  Alex Hua Tian (China)
15. Vitto Panizzon (Italy)
16. Sam Griffiths (Australia)
17. Clark Montgomery (USA)
18. Austin O’Connor (Ireland)
19. Will Maxime Livio (France)
20. Pia Munker (Germany)
21. Liz Halliday-Sharp (USA)
22. Jesse Campbell (New Zealand)
23. Ryuzo Kitajima (Japan)
24. Bill Levett (Australia)
25. Polly Stockton (Great Britain)
26. Willa Newton (Great Britain)
27. Matthew Heath (Great Britain)
28. Jodie Amos (Great Britain)
29. Ben Hobday (Great Britain)
30. Rosalind Canter (Great Britain

For this leg, the ERM Series also invited a handful of “Emerging Talent” riders from the surrounding area to give them a shot at beating the best and having a moment in the spotlight. Those riders are:

Tyler Cassells
Jamie Atkinson
Katie Preston
Simon Ashworth
Harriet Dicken

The Event Rider Master Series is streamed for free and in its entirety on ERM TV, and meant “to be packaged specifically for television, with sophisticated commentary, innovative camera techniques and informed by statistical analysis of the kind used by other televised sports — intended to welcome and entertain new audiences as well as those already engaged with the sport.”

Total prize money for the series is £350,000, which provides £50,000 for each of the six events and a £50,000 prize fund for the leading riders at the end of the series.

The remaining calendar for the Event Rider Master Series is Bramham, June 9-12; Barbury, July 7-10; Gatcombe Park, Aug. 5-7; Blair Castle, Aug. 25-28; and Blenheim, Sept. 8-11. The first event of the series was at Chatsworth earlier in May. [EN Coverage here and here]

The competitions take place in a CIC format over two days, with dressage held on the first day and show jumping held the next morning, followed by cross country running that afternoon.

Event Rider Masters Links: [Website] [Twitter] [Streaming]