#EventerFailFriday: A Video Is Worth 100,000 Words

If a photo is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth … what … 10,000? 20,000? We’re going with 100,000, judging from these reader-submitted gems.

Let’s start with this video, sent in by reader Kiri Freeman and starring her best friend Karlie Slaton. Kiri explains, “Two lifelong best friends go to Poplar Place farm to get some cross country schooling in before River Glen in November. Who knew that day I would film the funniest dismount and hilarious reaction we have ever got on film. We are still laughing and she was not harmed! She got back on and did it again. #eventersdontbreak #dustyourselfoffandgetbackon Go eventers!”

Go eventers, indeed! A few more of your fails as spotted on Instagram:

Jumping into the weekend like… #failfriday #greenhorseproblems #greenhorse #eventerproblems #amynelsoneventer #hummingbirdsmendacium

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My new favorite #eventerfailfriday "OH YES YOU ARE"- haley

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Don’t forget to tag yours #EventerFailFriday for inclusion in an upcoming edition. Go Eventing!