#EventerFailFriday: ‘Because You Know in Eventing They Just … WHOA!!!’

Never has an #EventerFailFriday video narration been more perfect than in this first video. “Because you know in eventing they just … WHOA!!!”

On point. Enjoy!

I was such a goner 😂 thanks Finn

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Also, all the props to the plucky young eventer in this next one. Reagan Barefoot, age 8, recently embarked on her very first cross country school at Full Gallop Farm riding Darling Pearl, or “Pearl” as she’s known around the barn.

Eyewitness Helen Kaiser explains, “Reagan is a feisty kid and wants to do everything the adults do. She does a great job with Pearl’s unconventional jump. She had been down the bank once cleanly, and the second time around Pearl dived a bit more exuberantly. Reagan was holding on to the front of the saddle but her hands slipped. She did take a plunge in the mud, but her peacock stirrups did their job and she was laughing before she was on her feet. She went around and did it three more times perfectly.”

We love Reagan’s positive attitude, grit and determination. That’s not failing — that’s winning!


Go Reagan go! Hero status. In the spirit of “we’ve all been there,” here are a few more winning fails (but is it even failing if you can laugh about it afterward?) to get you through your Friday!

Happy #failfriday For those of you wondering how Queeny Park HT went, the short answer is not well. Phil decided to act up during dressage and we got eliminated for “dangerous behavior” as he bucked and reared through the first 30 seconds of our test. This video was taken AFTER elimination where I was just try to get him out of the ring. Some days you win and some days you lose and it just wasn’t our weekend. We later found out that he just really had to pee and wasn’t comfortable enough to go with me on him in warm up, which, in combination with the thunderstorm, probably led to the less than stellar performance. That’s the risk you take with green horses 🤷🏼‍♀️ I was very disappointed at the time, but I’m determined to go to the MACTA schooling show at the end of the month and do better. #babyhorseproblems #hadtogo #endedonaletter #itsabust #dressage #stressage #holsteiner #areaiv #equestrian #eventing #istayedonthough #eventerproblems #eventerfailfriday

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Go Eventing.