#EventerFailFriday: Yeah … Nope

You hear nice-to-a-fault people all the time bemoaning “I can’t say no!” As a species, we’ve perfected the old nod-and-smile: “Of course I’m excited about wearing this bridesmaid dress that makes me look like a pregnant manatee!” or “Of course I’d be happy to cover your shift so you can get a head start on your amazing beach vacation!”

Horses don’t have this problem. They have no qualms about saying “no,” “hell no,” “this activity is stupid,” “you are stupid,” “everything is stupid,” and/or “I quit, bye-bye.” You never have to wonder where a horse stands on an issue, because they’ll straight-up let you know.

Let it be a lesson to us all. Some inspiration:

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NOPE! not today! #failfriday #eventerfailfriday

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#tbt … but also still now 😂🚀 #spicynoodles

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finals. • #eventerfailfriday

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Passend zum #failfriday heute mal ein Bild von letztem Jahr, ich war über Weihnachten in Rostock und hatte Villy und Pancake mitgenommen um ein bisschen am Strand zu reiten… Leider hatte ich die Besucher Massen über die Feiertage nicht mit einkalkuliert und so wurde aus den schönen Strandritten nix. Für schöne Fotos posieren fand Pancake auch zu langweilig, Spaß hatten wir trotzdem. Failfriday and a nice #tb to last year… I spent Xmas in Rostock and took Pancake and Villy with me for some nice hacks at the beach, but unfortunately I didn't factor in the amount of tourists during the holidays. It ended up being way to crowded for anything except posing for pictures but clearly that was not what Pancake had in mind! #princesspancake #eventing #eventerfailfriday #happy #funface #letmego #thisisboring #equestrian #warnemünde #beach #lastchristmas #vielseitigkeit #ichwillrennen #spaß #strand #letztesjahr #pferd #vielseitigkeitspferd

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Go Eventing.