#EventerProblems Vol. 134 from Ecovet: Adventures in Self-Medication

Earlier this week I finally went to the doctor about an infection that wouldn’t clear up, despite putting myself on a course of expired SMZs my friend found in her tack truck and was about to throw away. “Hey, can I have the rest of those?” I asked just before they hit the trash can. Score!

When my doctor asked where I’d gotten antibiotics, I stuttered that I had a few left over from something else, and she raised an eyebrow but said nothing. But I know I’m not the first horse person who has self-medicated via some variation on this theme — I mean, we’re used to treating our horses for every ailment under the sun, and so it’s not a huge leap to doctor ourselves, right?

I don’t recommend borrowing your horse’s meds; I think those SMZs gave me a stomachache more than anything. But there are other ways to treat what ails us, both physically and emotionally. From caffeine, ice cream and wine to borrowed ice wraps and assorted therapeutic goops, we do what we must to make it through the day — ditto for our horses, except hopefully sans the booze bit. Exhibit A:




When you find a beer hidden in your tall boot… #eventerproblems #ridersofinstagram

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