#EventerProblems Vol. 180, Presented by Haygain: Everything I Needed to Know About Parenting, Part II

Well, folks, I did it. I birthed a tiny human, on Kentucky cross country day no less. Naturally, he is named in honor of the 2019 U.S. Five-Star Eventing National Champion Tsetserleg. Don’t worry: for spelling purposes, Tsetserleg is just on the birth certificate and he’ll go by the less exotic stable name “Thomas.”

(I kid, I kid. Thomas is a family name that we’d already decided on, but we ARE going to claim credit for his birth as an omen of Boyd’s imminent victory.)

Between reading EN in between contractions …

Sadly I couldn’t watch the live stream because it kept making my heart rate and blood pressure spike.

… and some sleepless newborn nights made way more tolerable by the Badminton live stream …

… Baby Thomas’ life is off to a very #EventerProblems sort of start. The next step is a field trip to the barn, which I feel confident we’ll take in stride. Especially with these #EventerProblems babies as our inspiration. Thanks to our readers who posted these photos in response to part 1 — baby goals, indeed!

Beth Perkins: “Ready for mucking”

Franchesca Selhaver-Ramos: “I thought I was the only crazy one to bring my daughter to the barn everyday! Totally not crazy anymore after seeing this post! I’m not alone!!”

Mandy Lynn Aholt-Gayler” “We’re not eventers, but we do our chores daily, too! When she was smaller, I carried buckets on the stroller.”

Amelia Babakaiff: “Jolly jumper in the hay barn beside the ring gave me the time to get my mare to Prelim.”

Lauren Dallaire: “Jump crew in training.”

Laura Jenny Muller: “Unattended 5 year olds will course design.”

Lauren Dallaire: “Move over Boyd Martin.”

Meredith Halas: “Where are all the twin horse parents!?”

Sarah Ritter: “Off to do barn chores this morning!”

Micheala Van Clief: “I take my daughter out ALL THE TIME!! She sits ringside while I ride. My husband’s horse gets extremely pissed if she doesn’t show up to the barn with me.”

Lisa Heard: “Don’t all Mums use the stroller to carry stuff to the stocks? (Yes, my son is in there.)”

Kate Wooten: “Also, wheelbarrows can be used to move stuff.”

Amelia Babakaiff

Sadie Daugherty Ziel

Jeanna Epping / Photo by JJ Sillman.

Stacey Blyskal: “Colorful buckets make great toys!!”

Katie Meany: “Workin baby.”

Mary C P Quarles: “Here’s another solution for baby at feed time.”

Meghan Patricia: “Babies and buckets.”

Charlene Quinn

Go Eventing.

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