#EventerProblems Vol. 191, Presented by Haygain: ‘Really Wanted to Ride This Week’

Oh what’s that? You really wanted to ride this week? Is that why you spent your whole paycheck on board and vet bills and shoes your horse delights in chucking off at the earliest opportunity, because you like to RIDE YOUR HORSE?

LOL. Nope! Sorry! Application denied! Maybe next week, sucker!

At least you’re not alone. Exhibit A: your latest batch of #EventerProblems.

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Another great dressage to leave us 3rd after the first phase, a moment of sitting too quiet led to a stop in the sj, and some time, but no poles. Must remember to never sit back and expect him to go! Xc was all jumpable but some good use of the undulations and dressing of the fences resulted in three stops at “new” things but there were a few times he really wasn’t sure but ignored his urges to stop and trusted my encouragement to go. Unfortunately not everyone at Chilham could count to three, and this video shows the fence judge attempting (with no red flag) to pull up a couple strides from the penultimate fence because they thought I was eliminated. Fortunately I’m confident with my counting and the rules and completed Marley’s first wet xc round. A tannoy to call me to secretary’s and a chat with the steward, they realised I was right and shouldn’t have been stopped, but I won’t hold my breath for a sorry! Not a great day on paper, but there was a lot on course that Marley really wasn’t confident with and I’m very proud of myself and Marley for getting round. . . . #setfiretotherein #thehorseyadele #britisheventing #notgivingup #horse #crosscountry #nofairweatherrider #eventerproblems #moretrainingneeded #oneday

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Belated post from Brand Hall where my #horsewareamigo “Flexi” stirrup snapped while I was trotting around warming up for dressage! Luckily able to borrow a pair off a lovely competitor who I’d never met before to finish my test. Then had to buy a cheapish pair to get through the day…very lucky it didn’t happen while I was jumping! Have now bought a pair of @mdc_stirrups…couldn’t find reports of them breaking, unlike nearly every other brand of plastic/composite stirrups! #brokenstirrup #plasticstirrups #horseware #flexiblestirrups #mdcstirrups #safetyfirst #onehorselife #horse #horseandhound #BE90 #eventerproblems #saddleproblems #eventersdoitbetter #eventersofinstagram #eventers #britisheventing #britisheventinglife #humdingerhbc #eventer #bravepants #eventingnation #kwpn #horse #horses #horseoftheday #eventingconnect #horseofinstagram #horselovers

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Go Eventing.

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