#EventerProblems Vol. 193, Presented by Haygain: The Hardest Part About Riding…

… Is the ground.

Or so the saying goes. Other runner ups include: sitting the trot, the weather, the fungus, the unruly horse, etc. There are 193 volumes (!) chronicling the difficulties of our sport, here’s your latest batch:

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I really couldn’t make up my mind about this helmet pompom thing, so I decided to convert my current helmet cover to have removable pompom options. And then I couldn’t narrow down what color pompom I wanted, so I bought… 5. Sewed the snaps onto the cover and the pompoms and OMG this might be the best weird thing I’ve ever done. Now I can go with no pom OR I can just snap on whichever one I feel like wearing that day, without ever having to change my cover! Favorite DIY ever, and it was cheap. God I love being an eventer. 😂🤪 Which one is your favorite??? #pompomclub #helpmeicantstop #helmetpom #pompom #doilookmorebritishyet #crosscountry #eventer #eventing #helmetcover #equestrian #horsediy #eventerproblems #floofy #equestrianblogger #horseblog

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On my way home from my lesson on the island, it was so great getting to have my boy for a brief visit at my parents farm (which was supposed to be a calming over night lay over at Oma and Opas😂😂). Felt so odd to see a horse there but so good….. well, that was the calm before the storm. I now know, he only likes his “kind”.😅🤷🏼‍♂️ Something about 50some swinging udders with bells didn’t settle well with him. 😜😂 He channeled his inner eventer and managed to “escape” the situation, jumping from pasture to pasture. 😂😂 🐄 😱 #blessyou #hedoesntliketheudderkind #byefelicia #itsauddercattastrophe #jumpingeveryfenceinhispath #nottodaybessy #eventerproblems

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