#EventerProblems Vol. 215, Presented by Haygain: Falling for You (Literally)

Happy Valentine’s Day, EN! 💕 We know that you spent it with your four-legged BFF. We can tell, on account of the overflowing surge in #EventerProblems. Here’s your latest batch:

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Happy Valentines Day everyone! I spent time with this one that I love today, this pretty princess who was looking for alligators in the bucket. @i.just.want.to.knit tried so hard to get her foot in a bucket before I arrived which resulted in Cisco saying “hell no” and dumping the water. It was a team effort of a fake out with a front leg stretch which she likes, and then into the bucket. She then leaned back as far as she could while we patted and praised her. ⠀⠀ I held her while Stef fed her treats the whole 10 minutes. As soon as the treats stopped that leg started to shake and she would shift her weight to move. 🤪 In the end she was fine and I was probably overreacting to some warmth in her hoof that felt yesterday. ⠀⠀ She put her bum to the door and wouldn’t look at us when she want into her stall. Just to make sure her moms knew she was pissed. Cisco is such a good girl and soooo expressive in her face when she’s happy or scared or pissed or tired. Typical girl! 😂 I told the Barn Husband about it and his first response was that she gets being dramatic from him. I guess I’ve told him he’s dramatic s time or two? 🤷‍♀️ Do you have to torture your horse often or regularly? What horrors do you inflict on them for their wellbeing? ⠀⠀ #equinefirstaid #epsomsalt #princess #footsoak #myhorsehatesme #draftcross #mare #horseyexpressions #humanvendingmachine #dramallama #eventerproblems #valentinesdate

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