#EventerSolutions: DIY Nation

Where there are #EventerProblems there are #EventerSolutions, as we horsefolks tend to be a pretty crafty, resourceful and frugal (read: broke) bunch.

In this spinoff series we spotlight some of your most inventive problem-solving masterpieces and determined DIY efforts. Be sure to tag your photos with the hashtag #EventerSolutions on social for inclusion in future editions!

High fashion or horse blanket? You decide. #equestriansofinstagram #eventerproblems #eventersolutions #barnlife #fashion

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When you want to add a bit more color to your helmet cover but you’re too cheap to buy a new one #eventerproblems

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When #eventerproblems become #eventersolutions – Team OKL edition! #thereisalwaysasolution #makeshiftmountingblock

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Gator, you can do anything. Truly. I U. I believe in U.

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Go Eventing.