Evention Launches Second Season, New Website

I don’t know about you guys, but my favorite new equestrian media source is definitely Evention, created and filmed by our fellow eventers Dom and Jimmie Schramm. If you’ve somehow been living under a rock and missed what Evention is all about, you should take a look at their new website. In short, however, the show delivers bi-weekly how-to videos on everything you could possibly want to know about riding in general, and eventing in specific. It includes videos such as “How To Change A Horse Trailer Tire” or “Three Common Annoying Young Horse Habits” or even “How To See The Perfect Distance.” If you go back and look at all the episodes from Season 1, you can barely find a subject they haven’t covered! It’s like an all encompassing educational book on the internet in video form. Without further ado, I give you: Season Two!

[Evention TV Website]



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