Exciting Times Ahead For Australian Eventing

Craig Barrett and Sandhills Brillaire, winner of the CCI4* Adelaide 2012

Craig Barrett and Sandhills Brillaire at Adelaide last year. Photo by ESJ.

Great news from Australia! The Queensland International Three-Day Event has been selected by the Tourism and Events Queensland Regional Development Program to receive $10,000 in funding. The event moves in to its third year in 2014, and the money will be a significant boost to help keep it going. Jann Stuckey, the minister for tourism, major events, small business and commonwealth games, pointed out the positive impact that events can have on the local economy. I’m always excited when I see the local community embrace the equestrian community. [More From Warwick Daily News]

This great news for Australian eventing comes at a very opportune time, as Adelaide is busy preparing for Australia’s International 3 Day Event, which will be held next week. Adelaide is hands down, no questions asked, my favorite four-star. Sure, Burghley has all the grit and essential “Britishness” a four-star event should have, Pau’s facility is beautiful, Rolex is close to home (relatively speaking) and you could probably get the best beer at Luhmühlen. But the absolute absurdity of running cross country through the middle of Adelaide amuses me to no end.

Clearly I’m going to have to forsake sleep or quadruple my already obscene caffeine intake to juggle my event at Fresno County Horse Park and watching the live feed from Adelaide next weekend!

Adelaide Links: [Australia’s International 3 Day Event] [Adelaide Entries] [Adelaide Schedule] [FEI TV]

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