Fab Freebie: ‘Diamonds in the Dirt’ Travel Self-Care Collection

This week’s Fab Freebie: A Diamonds in the Dirt travel kit for riders on the go! Photo courtesy of Diamonds in the Dirt.

We eventers don’t pack lightly for our horses when we head to shows: two if not three entire sets of tack, a complete equine wardrobe, tack trunks full of every imaginable item for every imaginable scenario, all the trimmings to make a temporary stable into home for the weekend, plus hay, grain, and a 1,000+ pound animal loaded into a truck and trailer purchased exclusively for carting all this stuff around.

And yet, why can’t I remember to pack even the most basic of essentials for myself? At horse shows, my self-care goes down the drain: I end up washing my face with a bar of crappy hotel hand soap and, despite the fact that I own at least 20 lip balms, I can never find a single one. My horse looks and feels like a million bucks, yet I’m hobbling around a three-day old ponytail and dark circles under my eyes.

We can take better care of ourselves than this, eventer friends. Last week we introduced you to Diamonds in the Dirt — “small-batch, hand-crafted skin care with a focus on organic ingredients, simple formulas, and earth-friendly packaging.” Formulated with hardworking, hard-playing equestrians in mind, it’s a sent-from-above answer to our special skincare needs.

This week, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Diamonds in the Dirt and their distributor, World Equestrian Brands, to give away a collection of travel size items that are perfect to just throw in a bag and go. Hotel bar soap, never again!

Included in the travel kit:

Fresh Cucumber Facial Wash for gritty women
Abundant Facial Serum for generous women
Nourish Facial Creme for hardy women
Balance Eye Creme for centered women
Velvet Dry Body Oil for refined women
Savvy Muscle Creme for rusty equestrians
Nuzzle Lip Balm for weathered women
Total retail value: $144.00

Photo courtesy of Diamonds in the Dirt.

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter, and then check back in next week’s Wednesday’s News & Notes to see who won! Shop the Diamonds In The Dirt product line here, and keep an eye on their Facebook page for all the latest! You can also shop the line via World Equestrian brands here.