Fab Freebie: Win a Year’s Supply of Summer Games Electrolytes from Kentucky Performance Products

Photo courtesy of Kentucky Performance Products Photo courtesy of Kentucky Performance Products

Summer is officially here, and it’s hot! If you live in the Midwest, it’s also quite a bit more humid than most of us would prefer. Supposedly, it’s better than being cold but sometimes I’m not so sure. I think I’m meant to live in California, anyway.

With the onset of the hot and dry weather comes an increase in the hydration needed for your horses. Especially for those who are in full work, it’s important to keep the balance of electrolytes in mind when providing your horse with supplements. Kentucky Performance Products offers a great option with their Summer Games Electrolyte supplement. Here’s some handy info on what it has to offer:

Does your horse sweat…
…during training or competition?
…while traveling?
…when standing in his stall or paddock?

Then you need Summer Games Electrolyte! Electrolytes play a critical role in hydration, muscle function, and the thirst response. When electrolytes are out of balance, your horse is at risk for dehydration and the health threats associated with it.

Summer Games Electrolyte will quickly replenish the electrolytes and trace minerals lost during sweat and stimulate your horse’s desire to drink, supporting proper hydration and optimal health.

Summer Games contains a research-proven electrolyte formulation that was originally developed for the top horses competing at the 1996 Olympics. Formulated using the results of extensive studies investigating the composition of sweat, Summer Games contains both key electrolytes and trace minerals in the actual amounts that are lost during sweating.

Summer Games is concentrated and easy to use:

• Adjustable serving rates allow you to meet your horse’s ever-changing electrolyte needs.
• Affordable price allows you to consistently replenish key electrolytes in appropriate ratios.
• Concentrated formula ensures your horse receives both critical electrolytes and trace minerals, not sugar and other fillers.
• Unique ingredients support optimal performance and speedy recovery during and after exercise or stressful situations.

Convinced? Then you’re in luck! We’ve teamed up with Kentucky Performance Products this week to offer a whole year’s supply of Summer Games Electrolyte — just in time for the hottest part of the year. Someone’s horse is going to be very happy — and hydrated!

To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter widget below. We’ll draw a winner at random after entries close at midnight on Friday, June 12. Look for your name in Friday’s News & Notes — you could be the lucky winner! Good luck and happy summer!

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