Fair Hill CCI2* Live Cross Country Updates: Victoria Jessop Leads

Jennifer Clover and Scimitar II. Photo by Jenni Autry. Jennifer Clover and Scimitar II. Photo by Jenni Autry.

The CCI2* combinations are preparing to take on the cross country at Fair Hill this morning, and we’re bringing you the latest updates right here all morning. You’ll want to refresh this page for updates, and you can also follow along with us on Twitter for on the ground commentary from Jenni. Optimum time is 8:22.

You can tune into the live radio stream from PRO here.

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1:37 p.m. EST: Here’s your top 10 going into show jumping. Full report coming soon, as well as the live updates for the CCI3*, which will start in just about 30 minutes.


1:34 p.m. EST: Waylon takes home a blazing fast time with 8 minutes and finishes in the top 8 with 48.5. What a way to finish out the division!

1:22 p.m. EST: Liz picks up two runouts at 18 and now she will have to clear out of the way for Waylon. She’s elected to retire just as Waylon approaches and gets through clear. He’s got the course to himself now as the last one out.

1:19 p.m. EST: Liz Riley is clear at 14 with Renissance while Waylon Roberts and Kelecyn Cognac are hot on their heels at 12. Liz will be pulled aside if Waylon has to pass her.

1:19 p.m. EST:


1:15 p.m. EST: Big thanks to Brian O’Connor for a great job announcing today at Fair Hill. Way to get the crowd involved!

1:13 p.m. EST: Back underway with Will Faudree, Liz Riley, and Waylon Roberts as the last riders out on course.

1:12 p.m. EST: Looks like Evil Munchkin, Sable Giesler’s mount, is going to win the poll!


1:11 p.m. EST: Kyle Carter has decided to call it a day after sliding into fence 13, causing the hold for repairs.

1:09 p.m. EST:


1:08 p.m. EST: Kyle Carter and Cooley Nothing Better made it through the coffin at 13 but did some damage, so there will be a quick hold for repairs.

1:07 p.m. EST: Buck Davidson will move into the top 20 with the 11th double clear of the day on Be Mine.

1:02 p.m. EST: Julie Richards and Urlanmore Beauty move into second on 43.0 with the 10th double clear of the day.

1:01 p.m. EST:


1:00 p.m. EST: Lucia has retired after clearing 11 on her second attempt.

12:59 p.m EST: Lucia’s refusal at 9 has been removed, but she does pick one up at 11.

12:58 p.m. EST: Lucia Strini and Petit Filou II have a refusal at 9 in the main arena.

12:57 p.m. EST: Phillip Dutton has pulled up Seams Ready.

12:56 p.m. EST: Be sure to get your shop on if you’re attending Fair Hill this weekend!


12:55 p.m. EST: Michael has put his hand up after a stop at the final water at 20. Brian said the horse looked to have run out of juice towards the end.

12:54 p.m. EST: Bad luck strikes again for Michael Pollard and Halimey at 18C. Clear on second attempt.

12:53 p.m. EST: Chow time!


12:52 p.m. EST: Ninth double clear, this one from Kelly Prather and Truly Wiley. Moves from 21st to 8th! #notadressageshow

12:51 p.m. EST: Live scoring is back up! Hooray!

12:50 p.m. EST: Kelly Prather and her third ride, Truly Wiley are home, awaiting score.

12:50 p.m. EST: Can P-Dutty bring home Seams Ready for his third double clear of the day? We’ll find out soon.

12:49 p.m. EST: Marilyn Little and RF Quarterman go into fifth on a 46.6 with just .4 time.

12:48 p.m. EST: Michael Pollard on his way with his second right, Halimey. Marilyn Little and RF Quarterman are home with no jumping, awaiting time.

12:44 p.m. EST: 54.3 with just some time for Elisa Wallace and Corteo. They’ll move up considerably from 23rd.

12:42 p.m. EST: Kim Severson rockets up 11 spots on a 43.6 after coming in bang on the optimum time. She’s now in second place.

12:41 p.m. EST: Ellie Van Gemeren and Gemini Pilot retire after a stop at 9.

12:41 p.m. EST:

12:40 p.m. EST: Kim Severson and Cooley Cross Border are home clear, waiting for their time.

12:29 p.m. EST: A refusal at 7 for Ellie Van Gemeren and Gemini Pilot.

12:37 p.m. EST: Pollard Eventing’s Ashley Kehoe and D.A. Vittoria are home clear.

12:35 p.m. EST: Kim Severson and Cooley Cross Border are on course and clear through five.

12:30 p.m. EST:


12:29 p.m. EST: Erin Sylvester picks up second runout at 15 with Paddy, jumped on second attempt and then puts her hand up to retire.

12:27 p.m. EST: Erin Sylvester and Paddy the Caddy have a runout at 11, clear on second attempt.

12:26 p.m. EST:

12:19 p.m. EST: 21 more to start in this huge CCI2* division.

12:17 p.m. EST: Andrew McConnon and Ziggy still going strong with two to go.

12:16 p.m. EST:


12:13 p.m. EST: Abigail Wilson and Fernhill Flag have retired after a stop at the coffin, fence 13.

12:12 p.m. EST: Abigail Wilson and Fernhill Flag have a runout at 11.

Maggie’s description of this fence is quite interesting: This fence is a perfect example of Derek’s genius when it comes to course design. Although there are no options, the brush fence is perfectly spaced to provide riders two different methods of navigating this combination.  The more direct path is to jump over the center of the cabin in a forward stride, then move fairly directly towards the angled brush. The safe approach would be to collect into more of a show jumping canter, then jump the cabin on the right side, making a four stride bending line to the brush to jump it more directly.

Fair Hill #11A and B. Photo courtesy of Andrea Collins and the Fair Hill International Facebook page.

Fair Hill #11A and B. Photo courtesy of Andrea Collins and the Fair Hill International Facebook page.

12:05 p.m. EST: Runouts for Colleen Loach at fence 20 and Ellie MacPhail at 7, who has retired after two.

12:04 p.m. EST:

12:03 p.m. EST: Jessica Shull and Calysta MWF have a runout and a fall at 9. Both are ok.

12:02 p.m. EST: Jollybo running very well for Justine Dutton. Glad to hear they’re communicating well today!

11:59 a.m. EST: Sarah Dunkerton and Old Man Moel are out on refusals.

11:59 a.m. EST: Live scores will be down until after this division finishes. We’re working on getting an update by hand. Stay tuned.

11:57 a.m. EST: Alex O’Neal and Esquire have retired at 15.

11:55 a.m. EST: Our most recent EN’s Got Talent, Justine Dutton and Jollybo are on course and clear through four.

11:53 a.m. EST: Kate Chadderton and Buckharo having a great run, she’s almost home.

11:52 a.m. EST:


11:50 a.m. EST:

11:50 a.m. EST: Kari Briggs and Lawman have retired on course.

11:44 a.m. EST: Colleen finishes her day on 75.7 with just a handful of time with Escot 6.

11:43 a.m. EST: Susannah Landsdale and Buck Naked retire after two refusals at 7.

11:42 a.m. EST: Just a reminder to everyone who has yet to ride:

XC meme

11:41 a.m. EST: Alex picks up her second refusal at the final water at 20.

11:41 a.m. EST: Colleen clear through 14, Alex Ahearn is through the brushes at 18.

11:38 a.m. EST:


11:37 a.m. EST:


11:35 a.m. EST: Always a crowd favorite, Colleen Rutledge has her first ride of the day out with Escot 6.

11:33 a.m. EST: Alex Ahearn and Mai Baum out for the California contingent now.

11:30 a.m. EST:

11:29 a.m. EST: Lynn goes into fourth with 5.6 time.

11:28 a.m. EST: For anyone in attendance, there’s food by the start box! Bring me some please.

11:25 a.m. EST: Here’s a fun poll for you: what’s your favorite horse name in this division?

11:24 a.m. EST: Lynn and Osborne solidly through the troublesome brushes at 18.

11:19 a.m. EST:


11:17 a.m. EST:

11:15 a.m. EST: In third after dressage, Lynn Symansky and Osborne 9 will be the next out.

11:13 a.m. EST: Marley Stone and Kilrodan Ambassador are eliminated on refusals at the last water.

11:11 a.m. EST:


11:10 a.m. EST: Briggs Surrat and Hat Trick retire at 7 after two refusals.

11:06 a.m. EST: Chase Shipka and Palm Crescent have a glanceoff at 18. Picks up a second and is back underway after a third attempt.

11:05 a.m. EST: Victoria Jessop will be your overnight leader with a double clear round. Well done, Victoria!

11:03 a.m. EST: Get to know Victoria and Desert Mystery here.

11:03 a.m. EST: Victoria having a heck of a ride today. She’s almost home!

10:55 a.m. EST: Jennie Brannigan has a sticky moment at fence 20 and saves it thanks to “velcro riding,” according to Brian.

10:55 a.m. EST: Victoria Jessop and Desert Mystery are in second after dressage and will take on Derek’s course now.

10:52 a.m. EST: Sinead finishes with just over 17 time penalties and no jumping.

10:50 a.m. EST: Sinead has a great save moment with Forrest Nymph at the final water. Gotta love the handy little ponies!

10:48 a.m. EST: Taryn Nolte and Clevery have a runout at 18.

10:47 a.m. EST: Sydney Hagaman and Diablo Tejano pick up their third refusal and an unfortunate elimination.

10:44 a.m. EST: Sinead Halpin and Forrest Nymph, aka the wonder pony, are on course to big cheers from the crowd.

10:41 a.m. EST:

10:41 a.m. EST: Sydney Hagaman and Diablo Tejano have a runout in the main arena at 9.

10:40 a.m. EST: Sable unfortunately has a runout at 20. The final water has caused a good amount of problems today.

10:38 a.m. EST: We’re laughing out loud at Sable Giesler’s horse: Evil Munchkin. How adorbs is that?

10:37 a.m. EST: Lindsay Mahon and Playtime have a refusal at 15, the first water. They’ve decided to retire here.

10:35 a.m. EST: Andrew Palmer has two refusals at 18 with Tatendrang.

10:34 a.m. EST: Molly Kinnarmom and Puttin On the Ritz unfortunately pick up a third refusal at 20 and will be eliminated.

10:30 a.m. EST: Jessica Bortner-Harris are working towards the final water. Bug is jumping huge as usual, from the sound of it. She picks up a runout at 20.

10:25 a.m. EST: Erin Sylvester and Meltraise pick up a second runout towards the end of the course. Bad break for her.

10:24 a.m. EST:

10:22 a.m. EST: EN guest blogger Jessica Bortner-Harris and Win the War will be the next out of the box.

10:21 a.m. EST: Erin Sylvester and Meltraise have a runout at 11B.

10:19 a.m. EST: Adrian Jones and Irish Odyssey have retired.

10:19 a.m. EST: Tamie Smith is in the lead! She comes home double clear and will remain on a 44.7. Go West coast!

10:17 a.m. EST: Lauren Kieffer and Landmark’s Monte Carlo has a runout at 5, then at 7. Lauren puts her hand up and retires.

10:17 a.m. EST: Tamie Smith and Twizted Syster are turning for home after clearing the final water. Getting lots of love from the fans!

10:16 a.m. EST: Victoria Long will be taken to the hospital for observation and an x-ray on her arm. Horse is ok.

10:16 a.m. EST: Jennifer Simmons and GV Tuscany have a runout at the last of fence 20.

10:14 a.m. EST: Lauren Kieffer and Landmark’s Monte Carlo are ready to challenge the lead, coming on course in fourth after dressage.

10:10 a.m. EST: In 9th overnight, Tamie Smith and Twizted Syster are on course.

10:09 a.m. EST: A big shout-out to the volunteers and crew who are working hard to keep everything running smoothly at Fair Hill! #dreamteam

10:08 a.m. EST:

10:06 a.m. EST: Course is now clear after Victoria’s fall at 11.

10:05 a.m. EST: Buck and Quasar go into second on a 49.0 with the sixth double clear.

10:03 a.m. EST: Ryan Wood and D-Day Vant Plantar had two stops at the final water and are clear on their third attempt. Kristen Buffamoyer and Jim had a stop in the main arena at 9.

10:02 a.m. EST: Victoria Long and All That Jazz have a fall at fence 11. There will be a hold now.

10:00 a.m. EST: Buck Davidson and Quasar really impressed us at the Nutrena American Eventing Championships last month. They’re home clear after a gutsy ride around Derek’s course.

9:59 a.m. EST: Phillip Dutton takes us all to school with his second double clear of the day with Get Ready. Five double clears so far.

9:57 a.m. EST: Kelly Prather comes home well inside the time, with 8:17. Such a bummer to have that runout at the end of the course.

9:55 a.m. EST: Kelly Prather and Blackfoot Mystery also pick up a 20 at the last water, a the C element. Good recovery and they’re heading home.

9:54 a.m. EST: Lizzie has another runout at 20.

Fair Hill #20A, B, and C. Photo courtesy of Andrea Collins and the Fair Hill International Facebook page.

Fair Hill #20A, B, and C. Photo courtesy of Andrea Collins and the Fair Hill International Facebook page.

9:53 a.m. EST:

9:53 a.m. EST: Lizzie Snow and Ringfort Tinkaturk have a runout at 18 and are clear on second attempt.

9:52 a.m. EST: Phillip Dutton is on course again with his second ride, Get Ready.

9:49 a.m. EST: Does anyone else have a really good time saying Lizzie Snow’s horse’s name? Ringfort Tinkaturk. So fun.

9:48 a.m. EST: Kelly Prather is on course with her second ride, Blackfoot Mystery. Emily Hamel and Ramsey have a stop at 20.

9:36 a.m. EST: Maggie and Dante are the fourth double clear and will go into second provisionally! The fastest of the day on 8:04. #ENkarmaforthewin

9:35 a.m. EST: Maggie and Divine Comedy get a shout-out from Brian for being the best ride through the troublesome brushes at 18 all day. She’s got two to go!

9:34 a.m. EST: The B & C elements of fence 7. From Maggie: What you can’t see from this photo is a sharp decline in the ground directly following this fence, followed by a stride or two through the first water obstacle. As you jump this fence, you must make the decision to jump the left or right side of the corner, and stick to your plan.


9:33 a.m. EST: Matt and Happenstance have a runout at 7, which will take them out of the lead.

9:32 a.m. EST:

9:31 a.m. EST: Overnight leaders Matthew Brown and Happenstance are on course.

9:30 a.m. EST: Fence 7 and Maggie’s description: A simple hanging log begins the first combination on course, a tough water crossing that uses terrain to test the rider’s accuracy. Horses jump this log, then bend four strides to a brush fence. With a large crowd gathered, combined with the surprise water on the backside of the brush, many horses back off through here, and I’ve seen five strides snugged in here.


9:29 a.m. EST: Holly Jacks and More Inspiration, riding for Canada, retire after refusals at 7.

9:28 a.m. EST: EN’s very own Maggie Deatrick and Divine Comedy are on course!

9:27 a.m. EST: Jennifer Clover and Scimitar II pick up a second refusal at 20, the final water. They’re home with 40 jumping.

9:27 a.m. EST: Kelly Beaver and Sempre Fino are eliminated on refusals at fence 7,

9:24 a.m. EST: Kevin Baumgardner retires Wembley after a refusal at fence 7.

9:23 a.m. EST:

9:22 a.m. EST: Jennifer Clover and Scimitar II have a runout at 9 in the main arena. This fence also causing a few problems today.

Fair Hill #9B. Photo courtesy of Brigitte Aickelin.

Fair Hill #9B. Photo courtesy of Brigitte Aickelin.

9:21 a.m. EST: Jamie Kellock and Don’t Blink have a runout at 20, just sounds like they lost some momentum coming out of the water. Clear on their next attempt and turning for home.

9:19 a.m. EST: Boyd Martin goes into the provisional lead on 46.2 with just a couple of time aboard SBF Cortez.

9:16 a.m. EST: Rachel Wilks and River King are home clear in their first CCI2*. Fastest round of the day with a time of 8:13! Well done, Rachel!

9:12 a.m. EST: Jon Holling takes an unfortunate fall when Kildalton Cooley just a couple from home. Both are up and ok.

9:11 a.m. EST: Liz Riley and Infinite Truth have a runout at the final water, fence 20. Clear on second attempt.

9:07 a.m. EST: Will Faudree and Caeleste have a runout at 18C, while Liz Riley and Infinite Truth had a runout in the main arena, fence 9.

9:06 a.m. EST: Melissa Schielein and On the Rocks RSF have two refusals at the C element of 18. A third refusal means elimination for them and they’ll head for home early.

9:02 a.m. EST: Fence 18 turning out to be influential. Calvin Ramsey and Hoodwink have a runout at the B element. Clear on second attempt.

Fair Hill #18A. Photo courtesy of Andrea Collins and the Fair Hill International Facebook page.

Fair Hill #18A. Photo courtesy of Andrea Collins and the Fair Hill International Facebook page.

9:02 a.m. EST:

9:00 a.m. EST: Lucia Strini and Galway Bay Cooley have three refusals at the B element of 18 and will head home.

8:59 a.m. EST: Derek di Grazia’s course really seeems to be riding well so far. A proper CCI2* course.

8:55 a.m. EST: Lillian Heard and FYI have three refusals at fence 9 in the main arena and will end her day early.

8:54 a.m. EST: Ryan comes home 2 seconds under for the second double clear of the day so far.

8:52 a.m. EST: Ryan Wood giving Fernhill Classic a great, confident ride. Still going strong through the last part of the course. A hairy moment at the final water but they’re through it and turning for home.

8:50 a.m.: Buck Davidson has a runout and almost tumbles from Tiger Lion at the final water but hangs on to stay on.

8:47 a.m.: Michael Pollard has two runouts with Kyra at the B and C elements of fence 18 and then had another stop at the final water and is unfortunately eliminated.

8:45 a.m.: Phillip Dutton came home 1 second under time with I’m Sew Ready for the first double clear of the day.

8:43 a.m.: Kelly came home 9 seconds over time for 3.6 time but is the first clear jump of the day.

8:41 a.m.: Kelly Prather and D.A. Duras sound like they’re having a blast out on cross country. One fence from home.

8:38 a.m.: Marilyn Little tips off of RF West Indie at the last water combination. Both up and ok.

8:30 a.m.: Marilyn Little and RF West Indie are the first out on course.

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