Five Reasons to Grab a Pair of Ariat’s Tri Factor Breeches This Spring

Photo courtesy of Ariat.

There are a few factors that are perennially important to riders shopping for their next pair of breeches. Durability, comfort, fit, and price are all taken into consideration – among many other things – in a competitive riding apparel industry. We’ve got our eye on the popular Tri Factor line of breeches from Ariat as the new main staple in our closet, and here are a few reasons why:

  • So long, restrictive waistband! There is truly nothing much more uncomfortable than a waistband that’s rigid and doesn’t allow you to move properly. The Ariat Tri Factor line of breeches features a “V-panel” built into the back waistband, allowing the fabric to give and stretch (without losing its shape) as we move about. This simple feature combined with the mid-rise design makes these breeches a great fit for the multitude of beautiful body types in the sport.
  • No more sweaty legs. I’m not sure if you can relate, but there is just something particularly gross about finishing up a summer ride and finding your pants damp from sweat. Luckily, Ariat has thought of this issue, too, and the Tri Factor breeches also feature Moisture Movement Technology™, which pulls moisture away from the skin and encourages evaporation. In addition, Ariat’s Freeze Point™ cooling technology can cool the skin by up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Blisters be gone. You know that rubbing caused when the bottom of your breeches gets wrinkled by the close fit of your boot? I’ve sustained some pretty epic blisters this way. The Tri Factor breech calls on Ariat’s CFS™ Calf Fit System, cutting down on this friction while providing support to the calf and ankle.
  • They just don’t feel like breeches. There was a time when breeches were either strong enough to retain their shape or they were comfortable – there wasn’t much that combined both. The Ariat Tri Factor breeches, which come in both knee grip and full seat styles, are made in a mid-weight knit that will hold its shape through a day of riding without feeling restricting or scratchy. That’s a huge plus for riders who spend long hours riding multiple horses or who prefer hanging out in breeches to most other types of pants.
  • Ride like an athlete. Riders are athletes, and our apparel should allow us to live the active lifestyle required in this sport. While not all brands are created equal, Ariat’s compression technology sets it above the rest in terms of athletic performance. The Tri Factor breech’s compression material allows the breech to keep its shape no matter how hard you work, while still ensuring a sleek and smooth fit.

Photo courtesy of Ariat.

Ariat has long been known for its innovative textile technology and catering to the athletic nature of our sport. The Tri Factor Breech is a great option to add to your show or everyday wardrobe this year – you can shop for your next pair by clicking here. For all your riding apparel and show clothing needs, click here.