Five Ways to Beat the Snowed-In Blues

Snowmageddon is here!

Well, I’m stuck inside today. It seems that the entire city of St. Louis has shut down with the amount of snow and sub-zero windchill that we are receiving. I got to thinking about what activities are on tap for the day, and I compiled a short list of ways to beat the snowed-in blues.

1. USEF Network

Thankfully, I haven’t finished catching up on the George Morris Horsemastership Training Sessions, so that is first up today. At least it looks warm there!

2. SmartPak

Online shopping is also on the itinerary for the day. We all know that SmartPak offers free shipping on some orders, so there’s another justification for you, as if you needed another.

3. USEA Calendar Planning

With 2014 being a WEG year, there are plenty of selection trials still to come this spring for the US team to be formed. I’ve been looking at the calendar of selection trials and trying to figure out who needs to go where in hopes that this will make the spring season come faster. Just call me DOC.

4. Games

My friend still owns Equestriad and Let’s Ride – you know, those insanely cool PC games from about 15 years ago? Equestriad was my favorite because it is a true eventing game complete with intricate dressage movements and world-famous cross country courses. Best believe that will be filling some hours today during the snow in!

5. Refresh Twitter/Facebook constantly for Sinead and Tik wedding updates.

Sinead Halpin and Tik Maynard jetted off to Mexico this weekend to tie the knot. So far, no updates are coming from either camp but that doesn’t mean I’m not keep an eagle eye out for one. You’d be surprised how much time you can spend refreshing your social media feeds – maybe I have a problem that needs to be addressed (later).

So there you have it – my schedule for the next few hours of this snow day. If you are finding yourself spending some additional time indoors this week, maybe these tips will come in handy. Go snow.



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