Show EN Your Ink: Reader Submissions

We recently asked you to send in your horse-inspired tattoos, and the response has been overwhelming. We will be posting your photos in several reader submission posts over the next few weeks. Would you like to show off your ink? Send a photo to [email protected]

Photo from Ashley Bonner

Our latest edition of Show EN Your Ink kicks off with the above photo from Ashley Bonner. The idea behind her stars is pretty interesting: “I have four stars on the back of my wrist. My plan is to fill in the first star when I complete my first CCI*, and so on until I make my goal of being a four-star rider. Taking it one step at a time.”

Photo from Piper Hunn

Piper Hunn sent in a photo of her daughter, Macyn’s, tattoo. “This is my daughter’s Belgian Warmblood brand tattoo. She got this CRAZY, nobody wanted horse when she was 13. Anyway, I quickly decided that NO was the answer; then she looked at me and said ‘I can fix him.’ That’s exactly what she did. Competing him through Prelim (he was 21).  Now he is happily retired at her grandparent’s ranch. She has trained and competed many other horses in her short life, but this is one bond that never will be broken.”

Photo from Caitlin Fertig

This tattoo comes from Caitlin Fertig. “This is my tattoo located on my back. It is a celtic horse knot and it stands for the three horses that I have owned in my life! I got it last winter. It took two sessions and six hours, but it was worth the pain. I love it.”

Photo from Nicole Binneman

This tattoo is a touching memorial piece from Nicole Binneman. “I got this tattoo for my beautiful gelding I got off the track. He won his last race with a compound fracture in his right front. He was on vacation letting down when he stood on a nail on a Wednesday and then got a torsion of the small intestine on Saturday, which was my birthday. He was euthanized four hours after the onset of the colic. He was a brave soul and a gentleman to the end even though he was in agony. I got his tattoo number, his date of birth and death on my ribcage.”

Photo from Brittany Senko

Brittany Senko sent in our next submission. “This tattoo is my mantra… something that I remind myself everytime I am feeling anxious or blue… That soon enough I will be in the tack where my brain can be free of it’s worries. This is a picture of it freshly done!’

Photo from Meadow Hill Farm Eventing

This is a beautiful piece sent in by Meadow Hill Farm Eventing, a tribute to a horse of a lifetime.

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