Fleeceworks Fernhill Foals Early: It’s A Boy!

Welcome baby Welcome baby "Sprout"! Photo via Judy McSwain.

As it usually goes with horses, even the best laid plans (and due dates) can go awry. Fleeceworks Fernhill, whose due date was supposed to be April 11, brought her new colt into the world eight days earlier than anticipated at 9:05 a.m. yesterday.

Since the colt was delivered so early, owner Judy McSwain is still deciding on a name — stay tuned as we may be running a naming contest in addition to our original due date contest! For now, baby colt is going by the nickname “Sprout.”

Photo via Judy McSwain.

Photo via Judy McSwain

We were unable to run our due date contest for the full duration, however we would like to congratulate Sally McCord on coming the closest with her guess of April 4. We received a few other entries guessing April 4, but Sally was the only one to guess that the foal would be a colt. Congratulations, Sally! She will receive a brand new Bamboo Contour Cross Country Pad for her prize — we’re more than a little envious!

The birth of a baby is due cause for celebration, though, and in lieu of champagne, Fleeceworks Fernhill and her new baby would like to send all of those who participated in the due date contest a coupon for some serious savings on the Fleeceworks website. If you participated in this contest prior to the date of birth, we’ll be in touch with you, so check your inbox.

Congratulations to new mom Fleeceworks Fernhill and proud owner Judy McSwain! We can’t wait to see this handsome boy grow up.

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