Four Reasons to Join EN on Patreon Right Now

Join the party!

If you haven’t heard – and we wouldn’t be mad if you hadn’t, it’s been a crazy last two weeks in eventing land – Eventing Nation launched its very own Patreon this year. Created to connect on a more intimate and candid level with our readers, EN’s Patreon is a growing community with over 50 members to date. If you’ve been on the fence about joining, here’s a look at what you could be missing out on:

1. Community and camaraderie

Our sport is like a little small town – which can be a good thing and a bad thing, all at once. We wanted to create a safe, inclusive space where riders and diehard eventing fans could share their thoughts and experiences. By joining us as an EN Patron, you’ll gain access to our private Facebook group, Insanity In the Middle, where we discuss eventing topics, share memories, and ask members for feedback on upcoming editorial projects.

2. Exclusive content in the Facebook group

We’re really excited to kick off a series of candid and informal video Q&As with professionals from the horse industry. Think mental health, fitness, riding, training – every topic you could think of, we plan to tackle. First up on Thursday, February 18, I’ll be sitting down for a Facebook Live with Sarah Carlan, a wellness coach I worked with on this article about mental health hurdles. This will be an intimate Q&A for Patrons only, and I’m really looking forward to normalizing mental wellness through these conversations.

3. Editorial feedback

Our platform was designed to represent the eventing community at-large, so it makes a lot of sense to include the perspectives of our readers in our work. To that end, our Patron group will also serve as a focus group of sorts, meaning members will have the opportunity to preview our editorial calendar, provide story tips and suggestions, and even sit in on some of our editorial team meetings. We want all of our readers to feel seen and included – this means we’ll always need your input!

Snag a cool Yeti wine mug (or a tumbler, your choice) when you sign up!

4. We’re giving away cool swag to our founding Patrons!

We wanted to celebrate the launch of our Patreon with a cool promotion: any members who sign up by Sunday, February 14 will receive an EN Yeti tumbler or wine mug (your choice!) as a token of our appreciation. All you need to do is sign up as a Patron at ANY tier (member tiers start at just $5/month) by Sunday, and we’ll send you your gift.

We’re overwhelmed with gratitude from all the support we’ve received so far. With any hope, one day we’ll be reunited in person at a cross country tailgate, but for now, we’ll see you online. Click here to become an EN Patron.

Go Eventing.