Friday Video from SmartPak: The Long-Awaited Debut of Celebs in the Saddle

If your web-browsing habits are anything like mine, you probably spend a lot of time checking in on the flurry of social media posts from the Leicestershire-based Urban Equestrian Academy, an inner-city riding school dedicated to helping its students embrace the far-reaching possibilities of a life on horseback.

Led by the enigmatic Urban Cowboy himself, Freedom Zampaladus, UEA’s mission is dynamic: it’s about providing access, of course, but it’s also about shaping the industry itself to allow everyone who wants to be involved a safe place to do so. And because Freedom’s own extraordinary life has been so heavily influenced by the horses he’s known and the opportunities he’s carved out, there’s no better man to spearhead a new and exciting project – a web-based series called Celebs in the Saddle.

Celebs in the Saddle made its long-awaited debut on YouTube tonight with boxing commentator and former Cruiserweight Champ Johnny Nelson saddling up to join Freedom for a chat and a hack through urban Leicester. We’re so excited to dive into this compelling new series, and can’t wait to see who’s next on the mounting block. In the meantime, if you’re enjoying the show, consider donating to the UEA’s ongoing efforts here.

Go Eventing — and even more importantly, go equity in equestrian sport!