Friday Fashion Forecast: Eskadron ‘Pinkaholic’ Collection

If you’re like most eventers, you understand the value of dressage work. But you also don’t wake up in the morning giddy thinking about working on transitions and leg yields and suppling your horse. That all changes with the Eskadron “Pinkaholic” collection!

Eskadron Pinkaholic.

Remember when you were told as a child to eat your vegetables? Put a little cheese sauce on that and it makes it palatable! This gorgeous pink set makes dressage more palatable to the event rider, and dare I say, FUN! The Eskdron Pinkaholic set is the perfect matchy-matchy way to get your dressage work in, while having a great time doing it. A bold pink dressage saddle pad with reflective accents pairs expertly with the super luxurious fleece bandages, complete with storage case. The phrase “Ride Eat Sleep Repeat” is embroidered on the set. This collection will make your transitions better, your horse more supple, and help engage those hindquarters (OK, not really, but it will make your dressage far less tedious!!).

Not great at dressage? Look the part by matching. My mare, Hummingbird’s Mendacium, was the model for this product review and she was less than thrilled. Not because she hates dressage, and not because she was upset about the pink, but we like to compare her to the flower that grows out of a big, prickly cactus. We joke that she goes barefoot because the rocks wouldn’t DARE bruise her feet. It’s likely she bruises the rocks with her attitude. In spite of her less-than-willing participation, she managed to get some gorgeous photos! So even if you’re riding around on a feral yak in dressage warm up, rest assured that you will look put together. This was always my strategy as a young snowboarder. I was terrible. But I matched and looked darn good sipping hot cocoa in the lodge!

Eskadron Pinkaholic
Amy Nelson & Hummingbird’s Mendacium

The quality of this matched set is apparent from the start. The saddle pad is cushy, and the fleece bandages are extremely soft. The Eskadron Pinkaholic collection is the perfect addition to your warm up at an event, a dressage lesson, or that day you’re just not feeling it but need to get the work in anyway. I hear through the grapevine that it’s limited edition for 2019, so you’d better hurry and snatch this up before they are gone!

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Final Review (Out of 4 Stars)

Cost: $$
Excitement: *** 3 Stars
Durability: **** 4 Stars
Variety: *** 3 Stars (the same set comes in different colors)