Friday News & Notes

Horses! I swear! Photo by Brit Gegenbach

Horses just have a special way of finding the one way to do something ridiculous. You could turn a horse out in the most perfect paddock with no danger, and they would still climb their way halfway over the fence, like this horse belonging to Brit Gegenbach. Enjoying her vacation in Mexico, her husband sends her this photo of a new horse at the farm. Don’t worry, the horse was fine. The fence, however, was not.

U.S. Weekend Preview:

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News From Around the Globe:

Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride didn’t plan to be at Jersey Fresh this weekend. She and her horse Favian were supposed to be on vacation following Kentucky, but unfortunately the pair had a fall on cross country at their first 5* together. Favian is her only Advanced horse – something which is vanishingly rare among CCI5* competitors these days. It is of great benefit to Vizcarrondo Pride, therefore, that riding isn’t the only string to her eventing bow. She is also an FEI judge at the CCI4* level and is seeking promotion to Level 3, which would enable her to officiate at the CCI5* level. [Humbled by Horses]

In eventing, we love a good thoroughbred. No discipline understands the versatility and tenacity of OTTBs better than eventers. Perhaps it’s because they appreciate a scrappy horse, but regardless of the reason OTTBs are plentiful throughout the levels. This is even true at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day 5*, one of the toughest and most prestigious events in the world. [OTTBs Can]

Best of Blogs: Make Showing More Accessible to Make it More Affordable 

Grand Prix show jumper Dani Waldman is no stranger to controversy. With her flying feathered hair, Dani is well known across disciplines for her flamboyant style. However, she recently sparked a new flurry of comments on social media with her post on Instagram about never turning her horses out. What’s your take on this issue? [To Turn Out or Not to Turn Out?]


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