Friday News & Notes from FLAIR Nasal Strips

Check out Tim's "peace offering" to Obie for working so hard on his dressage. Fingers crossed that Obie prances pretty today! Photo courtesy of Bourke Eventing FB.

Check out Tim’s “peace offering” to Obie for working so hard on his dressage. Fingers crossed that Obie prances pretty today! Photo courtesy of Bourke Eventing FB.

Looking at pictures of Burghley makes me so jealous right now, because it’s so green and lush and people are wearing jackets! It hasn’t rained here in….I don’t even know how long at this point. The ground is like concrete, the grass is brown, and dragging my ring requires a full on desert dust outfit and then a shower promptly afterwards. Please, Eventing Gods, all I want is some rain so I can do some gallops and not hear every footstep over the sound of my music, please please please!?

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U.S. Weekend Preview:

Aspen Farms H.T.  [Website] [Ride Times/Live Scores]

Chardon Valley H.T.  [Omnibus Listing] [Entry Status/Ride Times]

Copper Meadows CIC & H.T. [Website] [Ride Times/Live Scores]

Five Points H.T.  [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Larkin Hill H.T. [Website] [Ride Times]

The Event at Santa Fe H.T.  [Omnibus Listing] [Entry Status/Ride Times]

Seneca Valley Pony Club H.T.  [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

News From Around The Globe:

Tina Cook’s WEG silver medallist partner De Novo News is in dire medical condition after a case of travel sickness turned into pleural pneumonia. After traveling to Strzegom, Poland in June to compete, the 12-year-old gelding returned home, and Tina felt that something wasn’t quite right. Soon he developed pneumonia, and now he has been in the hospital for a month straight. The vets are draining up to two liters of fluid from his chest cavity each week, but he has also developed an abscess under his shoulder blades that cannot be operated on. His strong antibiotics may help the abscess break apart in the coming months, and we are sending all our positive thoughts his way. [British Event Horse Fights for His Life]

With the new direction of Burghley cross country, and the new course design, what do the top riders think about Saturday’s prospects? Everyone always thinks Burghley is huge, but the overall consensus is that this year’s course is even bigger than big. With riders like Pippa Funnell and Oliver Townend saying its one of the biggest four-stars they’ve ever seen in their career, you know it’s serious. Horse & Hound did a few post-dressage interviews from yesterday, asking riders to give their thoughts on the course so far. [Top Riders Chime In: It’s Massive]

When it comes to high stakes competitive sport, sometimes winning is emphasized more than sportsmanship. However, when you look at the top athletes in any sport, you might notice that instead of selecting weaker opponents in order to increase their chance of winning, they always choose top competitors in order to up their game. So it’s not all about winning, after all. It’s about being at your absolute best, and also wishing that everyone else in the game has their best day, because if you top that, it really means something. Sportsmanship goes along with this evolved competitive outlook. Thanks to Kyle Carter for sharing this article, it’s really worth a read. [A Context for Sportsmanship]

Important news from Horse Nation: there is a horse out there named Eeyore, and he looks like, well, Eeyore. He has a genetic deformation that causes his ears to flop out sideways, and never stick up straight. While he looks pretty funny, he suffers no pain or other symptoms from this strange problem! We sent our best HN reporters to do a little more research on the disorder. [What The Muck is That?]

Fall is on it’s way, so get out your jackets and your layers! Ok, so it might not be that cold yet, but I’ll admit that I’ve been putting on a sweater early in the morning to bring the horses in from the fields. And what says fall more than a stylish vest? While I used to think vests were for dorks when I was a kid, I now appreciate their layering capabilities during exercise. This personalized breeze vest is wind and water resistant, and made out of a hybrid of fabrics that feature a multi-textured design. Get one today! [SmartPak Product of the Day]

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