Friday News & Notes from FLAIR Nasal Strips

I have been guilty of this many times!

We made it through another week, EN! I’m about as over the cold weather as the next person, but unfortunately for me there is no end in sight. So I’ve decided to live vicariously through all of you lucky folk who are headed (or who have already headed) down south to wait out the cold. Are you enjoying the sun in Ocala, Aiken, or some other wonderful place where the temperature climbs above freezing? If so, we want to see your winter digs! Send photos for our EN Cribs series to [email protected]. I’m sure I can speak for all of Eventing Nation when I say we would love to spend our winters in jealousy of all of you who are making the trek south.

Friday News:

Do you have some tacky wrapping paper, a few pieces of tinsel, and maybe some glitter laying around? If so, you should wrap your horse’s leg (just one!) in the most creative way possible and enter our Wrap Your Horse’s Legs Contest presented by Hamilton BioVet. Your horse will thank you later when you bring home a whole kit full of the innovative products that Hamilton BioVet has to offer. [Wrap Your Horse’s Legs Contest]

The USEA has announced a new partnership with several top medical experts to benefit American eventing. According to a press release, the USEA has partnered with Virginia Tech’s Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center, Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine, the International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology, and Capitol Productions TV. The goal of this new program is to bring cutting-edge medical information to the eventing community. [USEA Announces New Educational Partnership]

Large animal rescue successfully retrieved a horse from a canal in the UK using a forklift. Honey and her owner, were out for a ride alongside the Leeds Liverpool Canal when they slipped and Honey somehow ended up struggling to stay afloat. Thankfully, the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service was able to rescue Honey. Both she and her rider are expected to be just fine. [Forklift Horse Rescue]

Have you ordered your tickets for Rolex 2014 yet? If not, now would be a great time to do so! Rolex Kentucky announced on their Facebook page earlier this week that free shipping would be offered on all ticket orders placed between December 10 and December 18. Only a few days of the sale remain, so go ahead and add some four day passes to your last minute holiday wish list. [Order Rolex Tickets]

A new species of horse has been found in fossil form in Ethiopia. The fossils are 4.4 million years old and the horse is estimated to be similar in size to a zebra. Researchers are saying that this finding is important in piecing together the long evolutionary history of the equine species and that this particular species fills in a gap in their research. [Fossilized Horse]

I’m sure we all wish we were just a tad younger sometimes. Horse & Hound published a list of things that we all miss about being younger. My favorite is not having to foot the bill all the time. Those were the days. [Things We Miss About Being Young]

I love a horse with lots of chrome. So imagine my nerd radar going off when I found this article about a study done on the white markings on a horse and how they relate to the horse’s genetic makeup. The findings of the study are that three main genes are at work when determining how much white a horse will have on its face and legs. [Genetics Behind All the Chrome]

Best of the Blogs:

Golightly Sport Horses writes about some updates on their new house and the impending winter weather.

Friday Video Break:

The new Wells Fargo commercial debuted recently, and it’s perfect for winter and horse lovers. I feel all warm inside whenever I watch it. Enjoy!



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