Friday News & Notes from Kentucky Equine Research

A tribute to a friend gone too soon, Evan Mickle. Photo via Jay Mickle on Facebook. A tribute to a friend gone too soon, Evan Mickle. Photo via Jay Mickle on Facebook.

Saturday at the Carolina International, the old Tobacco Barn on the cross country course will become the Village Smithy as a tribute to Evan Mickle, a local farrier who passed away suddenly last December. At the completion of the CIC3* cross country, there will be a dedication of a blacksmith art memorial to Evan in front of the secretary’s office. There will also be a memorial service at Mid Pines Inn & Golf Club on Friday evening from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. Our thoughts continue to be with the Mickle family as we remember a friend who is gone much too soon.

Events This Weekend:

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Poplar Place Farm March H.T.: [Website] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

News & Notes:

Looking for a new job? Here’s a great opportunity for someone located in or around Leesburg: the USEA is hiring a Communications Assistant! [Communication Assistant Position]

Savannah “Woodge” Fulton is targeting her first go at Rolex with Captain Jack. The Chronicle of the HorseSpider Monkey caught up with Woodge (aka ) and her path to her first CCI4*. [One to Watch: Woodge Fulton]

SmartPak Product of the Day: The SmartPak Mobile Unit parked at Copper Meadows last weekend for their spring horse trials, and so I was obviously tempted to take a walk-through to check out the wares on display. I was really impressed with the quality of one of the latest Piper breeches with silicone grips. I’ve been a bit obsessed with silicone grip recently, so these are definitely on my list of breeches to pick up. Plus, you have to love the consumer friendly price point without sacrificing quality! [SmartPak Piper Breech with Silicone]

Friday Video:

Check out everyone’s favorite Insta-famous pony, Saint Louie, and Britt Sabbah at Copper Meadows last weekend:


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