Friday News & Notes from Nupafeed

Erin Freedman knows how pony snuggles work. Photo courtesy of Erin.

Erin Freedman knows how pony snuggles work. Photo courtesy of Erin.

Yesterday two new horses arrived at the farm where I work, which is a pretty exciting feeling. I’m lucky in that my job with the Equine Welfare Society helps me fulfill that desire to have new and exciting projects to work with on a pretty regular basis. The idea is that we give each horse six months to a year of good care, management and training before releasing them for adoption and hopefully finding a perfect match. After one horse leaves, we can open a spot for a new one, and select something from other local rescues that could benefit from the same approach. It’s always very satisfying watching new ones come in and seeing how they change over the months and blossom into different animals. Plus, this way I don’t buy too many for myself 🙂

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U.S. Weekend Preview:

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 News From Around the Globe:

How ’bout them Event Evaluation forms…do they really matter? Short answer: yes. If you compete anywhere next year, take a few minutes to fill out an event evaluation form, even if it is to point out just a few positive things or some areas where you would like to see improvement. Each form is submitted to your Area Chair as well as the Event Organizer, and helps immensely as competitions try to perform to their best ability every year and put on a great show. [Event Evaluation Forms]

With temperature drops at night, we’re all tempted to pull out heavier blankets, mostly because we feel cold as humans. However, it’s always important to consider a variety of factors before you start piling on the layers. Of course, clipped or unclipped is a big part, but also remember that horses are comfortable in a different temperature range than people. Also, if your horse is out at night, munching on grass keeps them warmer than standing still in a dirt lot. [9 Things to Consider Before Blanketing]

Did you see the Fantasy Farm Thursday on Horse Nation this week? Just a little country estate in Holland that has an indoor, twenty stalls, a solarium, turnouts, an outdoor arena, and also a house to hold humans. A European starter kit, so to speak. [Fantasy Farm Thursday]

Tis the season to spoil yourself  invest in a new set of clippers. I just made the upgrade to these Lister Star Clippers, and holy moly do I love them. Is it normal to love clippers this much? They’re really lightweight but have great power to cut through thick, wet, or even slightly less than clean hair. They aren’t as loud as some of their heavy duty counterparts, and they’re well balanced in your hand so you don’t get arm weary after an hour or more of clipping. Hearts in my eyes. Totally worth it. [SmartPak Product of the Day]