Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Free lease baby! Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Do you like babies? Do you enjoy holding them, and sniffing their little milk-smell heads while they blather nonsense and paw the air with their grubby little hands like “Look at me! I’m a baby!”? Are you also, by chance, at Ocala Jockey Club International? Has Wylie got a job for you!! Free baby lease! She’ll even buy you a drink(s)! Any drink(s) you want! Not to mention EN karma 4ever! Flag her down or hit her up (865-414-9313) if you have a few spare moments to snuggle an adorable tiny human while Wylie writes.

National Holiday: National Bundt Day

Major International Events:

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U.S. Weekend Preview: 

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News From Around the Globe:

Heads up that there’s a two-hour rain delay at Ocala Jockey Club. Dressage will now begin at 10. Updated ride times can be found here and here.

Emma Bishop is your Mitsubishi Motors Australian International CCI5* leader following dressage. We’ve got a cross country course preview coming your way later today, and you can catch up on the dressage action in this report from An Eventful Life.

Is there anything more fun than snooping around somebody else’s barn? Nah, don’t think so. Luckily Horse & Hound did some snooping for us at Gemma Tattersall’s barn, and took some pictures of the scenes. It’s a barn of stars, including the incredible Arctic Soul, Chilli Morning (and some of his progeny) and several other international stars. [Check out Gemma Tattersall’s Yard]

When you have a foal on your hands, it’s easy to get a little too eager for training. After all, don’t you want to create the *perfect* horse? However, new research shows that even with very short training sessions, days off are essential to keeping the foals’ stress levels low and their learning curve consistent. [Young Foals in Training]

Help Team Hylofit with some information about you and your horse! Hylofit is seeking to better understand the habits of horse owners when it comes to technology and collecting/understanding data. Please take a few moments to fill out this anonymous survey. [Hylofit Survey]

Some companies are getting a head start on Black Friday this month. EN partner Nupafeed is amongst them, with a huge year end sale that you’ll want to capitalize on. The sale starts today and goes through the weekend, including both horse and dog supplements. [Nupafeed USA]

Featured Video (for our readers who are fluent in German):