Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Can you guess which one is P Dutty in this photo above? Click on the link to submit your answer and enter to win a book! Better yet, go get your own copy of Riding For The Team, from Trafalgar Square Books and the United States Equestrian Team Foundation and edited by Nancy Jaffer — highly recommend. (And be sure to read this amazing excerpt from Boyd Martin’s contribution, “You Weren’t Really on Him That Long,” on EN here.)

U.S. Weekend Preview

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News From Around the Globe:

For sporthorses, we might as well say “no gut health, no horse” for all the power it holds over their performances. Currently, new gene technology is driving research at an intense rate, providing new insights into the equine microbial community (1) and providing both trainer and the vet with a powerful and accurate analytical tool to improve health and manage disease.  [Differences Between Healthy & Unhealthy Equine Gut Biome]

Walking your show-jump course accurately is half the battle. Riding it is another matter, but going in with a proper plan of attack, and viewing all your turns, lines, and distances correctly is deeply important to your clear round. [Video: How To Walk Showjumping Courses]

Is the cost of outfits for competition excluding more riders? The USEA has already taken measures to make polo shirts legal for competition in all phases through Training level, inviting more riders from the unrecognized circuits to feel welcome. Our sport is expensive enough, do we really need strict dress codes? [Is Our Equestrian Dress Code Pricing Out Riders?]

Tomorrow, Greg Harbut gets to watch his horse run in America’s most famous race. What sets him apart is that he is one of very few black racehorse owners in one of the whitest sports in the country. His great grandfather groomed Man O’War, and his grandfather bred and owned a horse in the 1962 Derby, but Greg still faces racism in 2020 on the backside of the track. [Black History in Racing]

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