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Mount Rushmore as viewed from the back of a horse! Photo by Natalie Tanaka.

I was really excited to read that Dr. Temple Grandin will be the keynote speaker at this year’s USEA Convention (see the link below), as I’ve been a massive fan of hers for many many years, and I’m still surprised to hear of people who aren’t familiar with her work. Inspired by her own journey navigating the world with autism, she channeled her impressive intellect into making massive world-wide positive change for animal welfare and handling, specifically with cattle, but also other animals as well. Her understanding of how animals perceive the world, and how they feel stress or happiness is quite frankly, unrivaled. I can’t attend the Convention in person, but you bet I’ll be watching her speech!

U.S. Weekend Preview

Aspen Farm H.T. (Yelm, WA) [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Volunteer] [Scoring]

Flying Cross Farm H.T. (Goshen, KY) [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Volunteer][Scoring]

GMHA September H.T. (South Woodstock, VT) [Website] [Entries] [Volunteer] [Scoring]

Marlborough H.T (Upper Marlboro, MD) [Website] [Entries] [Volunteer]

Otter Creek Fall H.T. (Wheeler, WI) [Website] [Entries] [Volunteer]

The Event at Skyline (Mt Pleasant, UT) [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Volunteer] [Scoring]

The Fork at Tryon (Mill Spring, NC) [Website] [Entries] [Volunteer] [Scoring]

Other International Events

Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials (Oxfordshire, UK) [Website] [Timetable] [Entries: 4*-S] [Entries: 4*-L] [Live Stream]

FEI Eventing Championships for Juniors and Young Riders (Montelibretti, Italy) [Website][Timetable] [Entries: Juniors] [Entries: Young Riders] [Live Stream]

News From Around the Globe:

The USEA is hosting world-renowned animal welfare and behavior specialist Dr. Temple Grandin this year as the keynote speaker at the USEA Convention this winter. Dr. Grandin has shaped her career around the research and understanding of animal behavior and stress through the lens of her own experiences navigating life with autism.Throughout her life’s work, she has pioneered the design of livestock handling facilities with modern methods that improve animal welfare and productivity. Temple continues to help more than half of the cattle in North America today through the use of her groundbreaking animal handling technology. Facilities she has designed can be seen in the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and more. Dr. Grandin has authored over 400 articles in both scientific journals and livestock periodicals on animal handling, welfare, and facility design. [Dr. Temple Grandin Speaks at USEA Convention]

Preparing for the USEA YEH Championships? Whether you’re a multi-horse professional or just an amateur with a stunning young horse, YEH classes are a great way to get exposure and training for your horse. Caroline Pamukcu, a regular on the YEH circuit, shares her tips for preparing for the championships, as she is right now with several of her horses. West coast rider Andrea Baxter knows a thing or two about taking horses to the championships as well, and takes both off-track-thoroughbreds as well as imported warmbloods every year. [How to Prepare for YEH Championships]

Book Review: The Jockey & Her Horse

You may recognize the name Catherine Winter from the triumphs of Starr Witness, but did you know that she also designs fashionable safety wear for equestrians? Catherine Winter, owner of Ride EquiSafe and Ride EquiStyle, is here to make equestrian fashion more available to all riders, and make them safe no matter what discipline they prefer. As a lifelong rider in the hunter ring, the jumper ring, and the eventing circuit, Catherine wanted to make sure that everyone could afford beautiful safety. [Ride EquiStyle with Catherine Winter]


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