The Greatest Sporting Event of the Year: Preview the MARS Maryland 5 Star Corgi Race

They’re fast. They’re furry. They’re the greatest athletes of our time. Photo courtesy of the Maryland 5 Star.

As a roving eventing reporter, I get the pleasure of seeing quite a lot of very good sport through the year. I watch horses take a leap of faith at the Cottesmore Leap; I see the world’s best-ranked riders calculate their spot to the Vicarage Vee as part of my ‘just another day in the office’ lifestyle. Just today, I saw World Number One Ros Canter receive a 10 for a flying change, which I actually don’t think I’ve ever witnessed before, so frankly, my bar is set quite high.

But still, for me, nothing can quite compare to a good Corgi race. It thrills me. Their little legs! Their absolute desperation to hit a 5mph sprinting speed! Their colourful, themed bandanas! Inject it into my veins and leave me here, surrounded by unlikely-looking small dawgs, for it is all I need to be happy. And now, if you’re among the uninitiated, you can get your first glimpse at why Corgi racing is the way forward for all sport, because the Maryland 5 Star folks, who so generously put on perhaps the greatest event in the noble sport of Very Fast Corgi-ing, are getting the mainstream media recognition they so richly deserve, thanks to local news outlet WBAL.

Check out the news spot from WBAL here — and to make sure you’re on site to catch all the action in this fast(ish) and furious (kinda) race for glory (and kibble), get your tickets booked for this autumn’s Maryland 5 Star, set to take place from October 19–22, right here. Tickets start at just $15 for single day admission, or you can nab a four-day pass to catch all the action from top to tail for $81. (There are also plenty of very tempting VIP and hospitality packages available, and speaking as someone who got the chance to sample the wares in the VIP tent last year, I can highly recommend this option. Yes, a very good Bloody Mary DOES make dressage more exciting.)

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