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F’real though.

Yesterday I had the most amazing ride on a three-year-old I’m starting for a friend, complete with all three gaits nice and relaxed in a rope halter. The sun was shining, it was unrealistically nice for January, and I had a great afternoon. Then, I returned to my barn to blanket and turn out, and while leaning down to do some belly straps, my horse spooked and damn near took out my brain bucket against the wall. Whenever those things happen, I always feel like time slows down, and I could see each flailing leg and hoof flying about my body as I was tossed on the ground. Luckily, said horse tried very hard to not step on me too hard, and I’m just a little bruised. Life with horses, ups and downs!

News From Around the Globe:

Back in her young glory days, Lara Bricker was nicknamed “velcro butt”. Then she took a hiatus from riding, only to return to the saddle at the age of 46. She thought she was in good shape, but riding fitness isn’t the same as regular fitness, and her middle-aged body revolted. Returning to the saddle is different at that age, and conquering the challenges that come with it is a feat of commitment. [In Which Middle-Aged Ladies Get Back in the Saddle]

I keep telling all my students, if they’re looking for more fitness, they’re always welcome to muck stalls with me! Mucking out, walking courses and heaving bales of hay about, not to mention riding itself, all counts as exercise, helps build fitness and muscle and burns off some calories, although maybe not as many as you’d hope. However, it does make you strong and give you core muscles like no other! [What’s In a Workout: Barn Work]

As the Winter Equestrian Festival kicks off this week in Wellington, Florida, we’re looking back to 1984, when the annual winter series was still in its infancy. The show report from the March 9, 1984, issue of the Chronicle painted a very different picture of the area nearly four decades ago. [Flashback Friday: When WEF was Young]

Best of Blogs: The Strange and Beautiful Way Horses Bring Out the Best in Us

Sponsor Corner: Get ready for the Aiken Opener at Stable View!!

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Steady Eddie makes his lower level career debut!


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