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Mud pig! Photo by Kate Samuels

PSA for all you winter warriors: blanketing your horse is absolutely no guarantee of cleanliness, helpfully demonstrated by my pocket rocket Beep here. The skill it requires to roll in a relatively non-muddy field and scrounge around enough and get the mud packed up underneath a full blanket is truly just amazing. However, upon posting this photo, many of my friends made me feel better by posting pictures of their non-blanketed horses, who more resembled the bottom of my muck boots than actual horses. Winter! We love it! (*sarcasm*)

U.S. Weekend Preview

Full Gallop Farm Jingle Bells H.T. (Aiken, SC): [Website] [Entries] [Volunteer]

News From Around the Globe:

Our new USEA President Louise Leslie brings a fresh perspective to the role for the upcoming years. Growing up in a military family, Louise Leslie was never afraid to walk up to someone and make friends in whatever new city was her home. Over the past two decades, many of those new friends have been eventers. She’s been involved with the U.S. Eventing Association Area 7 Council from her home in Redmond, Washington, and she’s become an integral part of U.S. Eventing Association at all levels. She’s set to take on the USEA presidency in 2023 and has spent this year shadowing current president Max Corcoran. [Meet New President Louise Leslie]

As one of the few U.S. training programs open to riders age 25 and under, the Eventing Emerging Athlete Program is used to identify and support a wider field of up-and-coming horse and rider combinations with the potential to develop into future Team candidates. From January 16–20, 2023, selected athletes will have the opportunity to work with U.S. Eventing Development and Emerging Coach Leslie Law in Ocala, Florida. Both on the ground and in the irons, these 12 riders will build the knowledge and skills necessary to one day compete at the top of the sport for their country. [Meet the Riders for 2023 Eventing Emerging Athlete Program]

It only takes one horse with difficult feet to inspire a horse owner to learn more about hoof care. Alicia Harlov’s passion for hoof care began after acquiring a BLM mustang who was quickly diagnosed with deteriorating navicular disease. On a mission to keep her dreams for him alive, she sought to learn more about hoof rehabilitation and the multitude of elements involved in hoof management and maintenance. A visit to Rockley Farm in England pushed her to pursue more knowledge on the subject, and in the years since she has gone on to study a variety of trimming philosophies and methodologies, as well as learn from nutritional webinars. [Prevalent Hoof Issues & Prevention]

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