Thursday Video: Just A Bunch of Satisfying Horsey TikToks, TBH

Yesterday, our farrier popped to the yard to sort a touchy nail on one of our ponies, and sometime in the process, he happened to mention that he’d accidentally become TikTok famous. And I’m not talking a little bit TikTok famous: his video showing the shoeing process had racked up 270 million views on the platform, making it the most-viewed TikTok in the entirety of the UK for 2022. Like, the whole UK. Who knew that this was the way to make equestrians hit the mainstream! Anyway, this YouTube video compiles many of the day-to-day normal chores for us horsey folk that are actually seriously satisfying for the rest of the world to watch — and it starts with one of our Sam’s videos. A star is born.

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