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Just some horsey Christmas cheer Photo by JJ Sillman.

Like many equestrians, I have one full-time partner: my dog. He’s extremely smart, well behaved, adorable, and loyal, but when you ask him to suffer through the absolute animal abuse that is early morning chores when it is both cold and rainy???? Multiple coats must be applied to the dog, and then he must wrap up in both a fleece and wool cooler on the raised fancy dog bed while he whines every so often and peaks out of the blankets to glare at me. I mean…honestly I don’t disagree with him, it’s just part of the farm dog life and he better toughen up!

News From Around the Globe: 

Kentucky is JUST around the corner (yes, it’s December, and yes, we already have our hotels booked and yes, we know we’re crazy – but we know you are too), and if you’re a diehard eventing fan like us you’ve already been making plans for the #BestWeekendAllYear. Allow us to level up your plans! Beginning today, entries are now open for The Ultimate LRK3DE Giveaway, presented by Eventing Nation, Athletux, Ocala Horse Properties, and Dubarry of Ireland. If you’re planning to attend Kentucky next year (April 27-30) – keep reading! [Ultimate LRK3DE Giveaway]

Commentators play a key role in how horse sport comes across to the general public – and the language used needs to reflect this, stakeholders agree. As the horse world continues to look at what can be done to improve public acceptance of equestrian sport, it has been discussed that everyone has a part to play. Commentator John Kyle, who covered the Rio and Tokyo Games for Olympic Broadcasting Services, told H&H he believes the broadcaster and commentators’ role in social licence has been “somewhat overlooked”. “In a way, we’re on the front line and we’re part of the sport that is going to be exposed to people who don’t understand it – for example, the people flicking through the television during the Olympics,” he said. [The Role of Commentators in Eventing]

Podcast of the Day: The Plaidcast with Boyd Martin

Nerdout Link of the Day: Top Ten Riding Tips in 2022 from FEI

Feeling bored already of all the dressage work? Good for you, we’ve got the solution. Dickie Waygood offered some jumping exercises “you can do with dressage horses to beat the winter blues” at the London Horse Show yesterday, with Olympic gold medal-winning eventer Laura Collett as demo rider on the eight-year-old Outback. [Jump Exercises for Winter Blues]

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