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It’s called Fashun, look it up. Photo courtesy of Boyd.

Only two more days of 2022! I don’t know about everyone else, but this has been an odd year for me, and I’m looking forward to accomplishing much more in 2023. I don’t really do resolutions, but there is always something exciting about starting a new year, and a new season of competition. I’m sadly not heading south this year, but I am already planning to do it next year, and hopefully that will help me endure the next two months of horrid weather.

News From Around the Globe:

Only two more days to enter our Ultimate LRK3DE Giveaway! You and three friends could win travel funds for your trip to The Best Weekend All Year, general admission to each day plus premium cross country tailgating, and Dubarry gear — all you need to do is enter by December 31 for a shot at winning. [Fly Away to LRK3DE]

Best of Blogs: Being Enough

It’s now been more than 10 months since Russia invaded Ukraine. Amid almost incomprehensible hardship and destruction, the Ukrainians who remain in the country (14 million are estimated to have fled) continue trying to survive and maintain some semblance of normalcy. For some, that includes continuing to look after their horses. For horse owners, this means more difficulties and troubles. Stables are looking for generators to be able to produce electricity during blackouts and water buckets to create and store an emergency water supply. Horse owners are asking in addition to hay and feed also for blankets to keep horses warm. Before the war, putting a blanket over a horse during winter was not very common in Ukraine. During the times of feed insecurity, blankets became essential to lower the feed expenses. [Ukranian Relief for Horses]

2022 Photo Collection of the Day: COTH’s Favorite Photos

As a complete book nerd, my childhood days were filled with books on horses. The Black Stallion, Misty of Chincoteague, Billy and Blaze, the list goes on. These writers shaped my childhood, and quite honestly my adult life as well. Learn more about these authors in this article. [Famous Horse Authors]

You’ve been training hard, putting in the hours at the barn and the gym – but could you actually be doing more harm than good? Scheduling in time for a bit of R&R – that’s rest and recovery – is one of the smartest things you can do for your body. [Rest & Recovery: Your Secret Weapon]

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