Friday Video and UK Notes from World Equestrian Brands: When Eventers Swap Sides

Welcome to the UK, where just a couple of short weeks has the power to transform the state of eventing social media from “I’m day-drinking because my event has been rained off — AGAIN” to “is the ground hard enough that I should withdraw?” Anyway, at least we’re now into the bit of the season when competitions come up thick and fast, so from this week onwards your Friday videos will come with a steaming side portion of entry reminders and start lists, for your entering, organising, and/or stalking pleasure. We live to serve.

UK Weekend Preview:

Fairfax & Favor Rockingham International Horse Trials [Website] [Ride Times]

Poplar Park Horse Trials [Website] [Ride Times]

Tweseldown (2) [Website] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Warwick Hall [Website] [Ride Times]

Somerford Park [Website] [Ride Times]

Events Opening This Weekend:

18th: Alnwick Ford – BE80-IN [EnterNorthumberland

18th: Treborough Hill – BE80-Novice [EnterSomerset

19th: Keysoe – BE80-Novice [Website] [EnterBedfordshire

19th: Skipton – BE80-Novice [Website] [EnterNorth Yorkshire

Events Balloting This Weekend:

19th: Berriewood – BE80-BE100 [Website] [EnterShropshire

19th: Speetley – BE80-BE100 [EnterDerbyshire

20th: Kirkley Hall – BE80-BE100 [Website] [EnterNorthumberland

20th: West Wilts (1) – BE90-Novice [Website] [EnterWiltshire

Friday video: You can catch me switching lanes, lanes (or disciplines, if you’re a German wunderkind)

What is in the water in Germany, and why are they all SO good at everything? Their pretzels are life-giving, their beer is legendary, they can offer up a sausage that’ll make you weak at the knees, and their riders can merrily skip between the arenas as though top-level sport is, like, easy, or something.

There was many a ‘good feeling’ to be had for Sandra Auffarth and her homebred Nupafeed’s La Vista last week when they finished third in the Hamburg Derby, with Sandra also taking the judge’s prize for best riding. Check out their brilliant round below – no judgment here if your envy over that impeccable position drives you to the beer and pretzels. We understand.

Sandra Auffarths Derby-Nullrunde mit La Vista von Lordanos

Sandra Auffarths Derby-Nullrunde mit Nupafeed's La Vista von Lordanos ????Sandra Auffarth riding La Vista by Lordanos clear through the Hamburg Derby ????????????Beim 89. Hamburger Derby konnten Nupafeed's La Vista von Lordanos und Sandra Auffarth mit einer hervorragenden Nullrunde den dritten Platz erreiten. Zudem wurde der tolle Ritt mit dem Stilpreis ausgezeichnet.La Vista wurde von Sandras Vater Karl-Heinz Auffarth gezogen. 2015 wurde der Vollbruder Lord Pleasure von uns in Verden vorgestellt und gekört. Wir gratulieren zu diesen tollen Erfolgen!????At the 89th Hamburg Derby, Nupafeed's La Vista by Lordanos and Sandra Auffarth placed third with an outstanding clear round. Furthermore, the great round was awarded with a price for the best riding. La Vista was bred by Sandra's father Karl-Heinz Auffarth. In 2015, the full-brother Lord Pleasure was shown by us at Verden and became licensed. Congratulations to the whole team around Sandra and La Vista! Lordanos.sosath.comVideo:

Posted by Hof Sosath on Monday, May 14, 2018

Even if you’re not hurling yourself down derby banks, half the fun of competing is digging out your glad rags and getting yourself and your horse looking your absolute best. Which is why we’ve been LOVING digging through the Outlet at World Equestrian Brands, so we can stock up our competition kit without breaking the bank. Bag yourself a Friday bargain – you deserve it!

Go eventing!