Friday Video from SmartPak: A Happy New Year From Piggy March

Happy New Year!

A little video to wish you all a very Happy New Year and also introduce something a little bit different for me in 2021. I'm going to have a go at doing a video diary to give you all an insight into my life – good and bad! – through 2021. Well out of my comfort zone here as this isn't something I have ever done before!😬🙈

Please follow along and share with your friends if they might be interested too. Anyway hopefully something entertaining and educational all in one!😁👩‍🎓🤞

Happy New Year and all my best wishes for a safe and successful 2021.🍾🥂🥳

Piggy x

#PiggyMarch #TeamPiggy

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Posted by Piggy March on Friday, January 1, 2021

The first of January is also a prime moment to percolate on new ideas, grand plans, and goals for the year ahead, and it’s been so exciting to see top riders dropping teasers for the year ahead. One of the most welcome updates came from superstar (and possibly the nicest person in the sport) Piggy March, who ushered us all into 2021 with the announcement of her new video series. We’ve enjoyed William Fox-Pitt’s vlogs so much over the last year that this is extra-exciting news — and there couldn’t be a more soothing gal to help us get this year underway.

Go Piggy, go eventing, and above all, go forth into this new year as your best and boldest self, regardless of what we may all still have to overcome.