Friday Video from SmartPak: Crazy Poles with Amanda Ross

Whenever I look at the weekends in my calendar, I like to make sure they’re all full of one of two things: eventing, or learning everything I can to improve the next time I go eventing. (Okay, and gin, too, but that must be presented in either scenario, frankly.)

This weekend’s an eventing one — though as a reporter, not a rider — but after watching a couple hundred combinations smash out excellent four-star dressage tests over the last two days at Burnham Market, I’m already planning my schooling sessions for the moment I touch down at home. So I was delighted to discover that Australian eventer┬áAmanda Ross had delivered up a new instalment in her fun, educational vlog series — and this time, it focuses on universally useful polework. I might not like the lugging, but I sure do like the benefits this’ll bring!